Lands’ End Canvas Extra 20% off Sale Items

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LEC Extra 20% off Saleicon w/ BESTCUSTOMER and pin 4186

Free shipping no minimum also included.  Code Expires Tues. 10/25.  Credit John S. w/ the style tip.

20% off full price is okay.  20% off already marked down items is more than okay as long as there’s a decent selection to pick from in the sale section.  20% off marked down items with a decent selection PLUS free shipping no minimum?  That’s no small deal.  You’ll need the code BESTCUSTOMER with the pin 4186, and remember, this only works on items in the sale sectionicon.  Prices listed here included shipping costs, since there aren’t any with the code and pin.  Taxes are up to you though.

L.E.C. Heritage Oxford – Purple – $19.90 & Pink – $10.39icon ($49.50)

The price shows guys are afraid of pink.

Be not afraid of these traditionally feminine colors.  Purple is the color of kings, and women take no issue with a guy wearing a bit of pink.  LEC oxfords could be more fitted at the sides, but the weight of the fabric (it’s decently thick and plenty soft) plus the bargain price makes them perfect for layering under a v-neck.  They are unfortunately a little long to wear untucked if you’re average to shorter in height.


L.E.C. Supima Striped V – $27.99icon & Solid V – $15.99icon ($49.50)

Not as fitted as the pic on the left, but decent.

All sizes available in the striped.  Not all of the color options for the solid are on sale.  But if you go with the solid, choose one of those oxfords, and some jeans which we’ll get to in a second, you’re looking at an upgraded casual weekend outfit for under $40 shipped.  It’s all basics, but it’s much better than Dad jeans and a hooded sweatshirt.  The knit on these is good and small so they’re much smoother than some spongy traditional cotton sweater.


L.E.C. Straight Fit Jean – $11.99icon ($49.50)

1-Year, Pewter, and Rinsed Indigo

These are last year’s model and have been hanging around for so long, they’ve been lapped by this year’s new straight fit jean.  But twelve bucks is cheap for a pair of decent jeans, and while sizes are starting to disappear, there’s plenty of 32×30, 32×32, and other common sizes left in the three washes seen above.  Full review here.


Heritage Wool Navy Blazer – $95.99icon ($200)

A navy wool without the gold buttons.

A few drawbacks on this one.  The buttons are functional so that might cause headaches with tailoring.  There aren’t any short or long sizes either, despite coming in traditional 38, 40, 42 etc… sizing.  But the positives?  Here’s part of a review from reader AnotherJames:  “Perfect… I’m 5’10” at a 170 soccer build.  The 38R fits very well…  The sleeves are noticeably narrow with noticeably high armholes, but without being constricting.  Chest and back are form fitting, again, without being constricting… I consider this a major win.  This jacket, an absolute wardrobe staple, will be used year round for many years.”  Read more here, and know that he did spend $70 to get the sleeves shortened.


L.E.C. Crosby Moc-Toe Lace Up Boots – $79.99icon ($149.00)

Not bad for eighty bucks.

This is just a filthy price for these.  Part of the $500 L.E.C. outfit giveaway, and well received by plenty.  A total inexpensive version of the Alden Indy.  The toe is a little stubby when you first look at them out of the box (see pic at top of post) but once they get on your feet they’re hard not to love.  Some complaints have surfaced about how flimsy the top lace hooks can be (on these and the plain toe lace-ups too) and some have gone as far as having those removed and eyelets punched through instead.


L.E.C. Leather Lace Up Boots – $79.99icon ($149.00)

Stitch free

For those that don’t want the contrast stitching around the toe.  Simple, not elongated or pointy, but not a clunky work boot either.  Same complaints about the top lace hooks but it’s hard to find a boot that looks this good for this price.

The L.E.C. code BESTCUSTOMER and pin 4186 expires at 11:59pm CT on 10/25/11.  The code on the Lands’ End Canvas website WOW20OFF and pin 3737 gets you 20% off but won’t get you free shipping.