In Person: Actually Affordable Double Monk Straps

A rare find.  Double monks for $120 shipped.
Mercanti Fiorentini Double Monk Strap – $122.90*  ($139.95)

There was nothing broken about the Italian made, true oxford from DSW’s house brand Mercanti Fiorentini.  But they didn’t technically “fix” it either.  Instead they improved upon it by way of an additional model.  Same platform, same toe, almost the same price, only this version comes in a double monk strap.

They’re the exact same shoe fellas.  Just with the very obvious and very different system used to secure it to your foot.  They also might be slightly lighter and richer in color.

In addition to the well proportioned buckles and straps, they’ve also added a cap toe.  Not necessary, but it looks real good with the extra lines of the flap and buckles. (Meanwhile, if you don’t want the monk straps, they do offer just a cap toe oxford too.)

The buckles are functional and held to the uppers by way of some unnoticeable elastic gore-style loops. The sole is a glazed over leather, so until they get scuffed you’ll be sliding all over the place.

Just one major drawback with this particular pair.  There’s a major ding on the right toe. So these’ll be going back, but another pair will absolutely be on the way.

They’re probably glued and the leather isn’t blow your mind quality, but they look awfully good.  And for under $150, they’re going to be more than worth it to many of us even if they do self destruct in a few years.

*Here’s how to get this price.  You need to become a DSW rewards member which is nothing more than signing up for their email list.  Once you’re in, you can use the code SHIPR after you join their email list for free shipping.  You can also stack the code SHOPTIME which is good for $15 off $74, $30 off $149, and $50 off $200.  To break that second threshold, pick up some $11 – $12 socks.  It’s cheaper to do that then use the $15 off deal.  Taxes are extra of course.