Half off at Park & Bond… through Gilt City?

Gilt's version of Groupon offers a half off deal at their own site.

Gilt City Deal: $40 for $80 at Park & Bond

Credit will become available on Nov. 1st and must be used by Nov. 30th.  Thanks to Antonio for the style tip. 

This gets a little complicated, maybe even a tad incestuous, so hang on to your hats here:

  • Most of you know this, but Gilt is a daily timed-sale retail site
  • They also have a Groupon-like site called “Gilt City”
  • Gilt City often runs national deals, so you can use them on the web and not have to live in that location
  • Gilt launched a full price store called Park & Bond a few months back
  • Gilt’s current Gilt City deal is for $80 in credit at their full retail Park & Bond

Got that?

So after launching their full price retail sale, Gilt has gone ahead and used one of their own platforms to promote Park & Bond and essentially give you half off any combination of stuff that’s $80.

Add on top of that the fact that you can get 20% off your first Gilt City purchase by signing up through a friend’s referral link (here’s the Dappered one if you need it) and you could get an $80 credit for $32.  In theory.  Here’s one combination that seems appealing for $32:

The Filson Hat, Tie Bar, & not one but two Pocket Squares – $79.00 pre credit

Yes, we're aware this isn't to scale.

The hat itself is a deal if you’re looking for something other than a watch cap to keep your head warm.  It has ear flaps, just enough brim, and it’s made in the USA.  Same goes for the pocket squares.  The Tie Bar is a tiny 1″.

But does this deal mean anything more?  Is this an in-house attempt to jump-start Park & Bond?  Or is it doing just fine on its own and that speculation is over analyzing a simple promotion?   Leave your take in the comments below.

Like other Gilt referrals, there’s a bounty.  A sign up to Gilt City through a referral link rewards the link provider with 20% off their next Gilt City purchase (pretty sure it doesn’t stack.)  But I can’t remember the last time I bought anything from Gilt City.  So to those who might think this post was motivated by that, it wasn’t.