Extra 30% off J. Crew Sale & FACTORY – Oct. 2011

Factory has some new items in.
Use code OURTREAT for an extra 30% off J. Crew Sale + Factory

Code expires Thursday October 27th.  Watch yourself on those “final sale” items which can’t be returned.

Indeed we just did this.  It was only a few weeks ago that J. Crew ran one of these extra 30% off Sale / Factory codes, and it was then that it seemed as if this would become a once a month thing.  And now they’ve gone and done it twice this month.  ‘kay.  Part trick and part treat maybe.

The good news is that we all get an extra 30% off if we’re in the market for something like the items below.  The bad news is that the next time you want something from J. Crew’s lower FACTORY line, you’re probably best waiting for one of these sales.  Lots of new stuff from Factory, and all items from Factory ship free…

Factory Blackwatch Tie – $20.65 ($39.50)

A holiday appropriate tie that doesn't sing. Hallelujah.

Already on sale and with the free shipping it drops to the price of a tie from thetiebar (including shipping from them.)  A not emaciated 2.75″ at its widest point.  Wool poly blend in a particularly fall and winter ready pattern.


Factory Lambswool Suede Palm Gloves – $18.55 ($26.50)

Still not vegan friendly.

Maybe your budget isn’t allowing leather gloves this year, or you maybe want a backup pair for when leather gloves look out of place.  Under $20 shipped for black lambswool gloves with a contrasting brown suede palm will more than satiate that want.  Also available in grey.  UPDATE:  These actually aren’t on sale on the Factory site (while the rest of the site pretty much is) so they aren’t available for the 30% off.  They do ship free though.  Credit Adam (and Adam) in the comments for noticing.


Factory Bags:  Laptop – $45.15 ($69.50) | Weekender – $61.60 (98.00)

Really, really cheap.

At this price you’ve got to wonder if one day you’ll be walking through an airport, all of the seams will give way at once, and your belongings will go rocketing out onto the concourse forcing you to leave your bags unattended (TSA will have your rear for that) so you can pick up your gear that landed half way into some overpriced generic t-shirt shop.  Or maybe they’re built just fine, and with decent care they’ll last plenty long.  Looks great for the price.


Factory Sweaters:  Merino Striped V – $34.65 ($49.50) | Lambswool – $31.15 ($49.50)

Ba by texture: Left - "baa" and Right - "BAAAAAAAA"

The FACTORY solid merino might be one of the best, most affordable sweaters of the year (they’re plenty smooth and fit decently through the sides with a close to perfect V depth) but the fact that you can get a striped version, or, a warmer more casual Lambswool crewneck for around the same price is certainly worth a mention.  Over generalized sweater fabric breakdown utilizing NES Ice Hockey player types can be found here.


J. Crew Selvedge Twill Sportcoat:  Black – $139.99 | Navy – $104.99* ($278)

A 3-button fall INC ultra light upgrade?

This could have made an interesting “would you wear it” item.  Has an interesting look to it.  Ludlow fit, but the lapels on the black in the photos look even skinnier.  *NOTE:  This one is weird because the Navy is a FINAL sale (no returns), while the black appears not to be.  Limited Sizes available in the Navy.


J. Crew Sherpa Lined Fleece Jacket – $61.60 ($98.00)

"Bottle or draft?" "Got a can?"

Has a bit of a Carhartt look to it.  Now available closer to a Carhartt price with the code.  Proof that clothes which would look most appropriate raking leaves don’t have to look terrible.


J. Crew Point Collar Gorham Check Dress Shirt – $41.65 ($79.50)

Gorham? I barely know him.

Down to a reasonable price and available in neck and sleeve measurements.  Speaking of, a good size selection is available but count on them to move pretty quick.  Maybe.


J. Crew Suede Bucks in Grey – $90.99 ($165)

Depending on color, Bucks can work outside of summer.

These are a final sale item.  Barring any particularly nasty weather, you can pull off bucks during this time of year as long as they aren’t gleaming white.  “Rockface grey” which is the color these claim to be, should do just fine.

Also worth a note:  The Factory Thompson Suit (still says ship date is January?) and Factory tweed sportcoats are also, as always, on sale.  The 30% off J. Crew Sale and FACTORY items code OURTREAT expires Thursday 10/27.