Dueling 30% off Sales – Kenneth Cole & Banana Republic

Boots & outerwear at KCNY and sweaters at BR.  Four picks each.
Kenneth Cole – 30% off Outerwear & Boots | Banana Republic – 30% off sweaters

No code is needed for Kenneth Cole.  For Banana Republic, you’ll need the code BRSWEATER.  Exp. 10/10

Happy Columbus Day.  Right, you’re thrilled.  Anyway, it’s a good day if you’re in the market for a new coat, some boots, or a sweater for the upcoming colder weather.  Kenneth Cole launched a 30% off outerwear, boots, and some other stuff sale on Friday, while BR is running a 30% off sweater sale today.

Just a few picks below.  Figure it’d be an okay way to spend that 45 seconds you’d have otherwise spent checking the mail today.  Just try not to spend too much money.  The banks might be closed, but they’ll take your money tomorrow.

Kenneth Cole New York Wool Trench – $192.50 ($275)

Major potential here.

Darting in the back means it should be more fitted.  Length looks to be close to perfect.  Not an easy color to find a double breasted coat in.  Under $200 with the sale and ships free.  You’re on the hook for return shipping.


Kenneth Cole New York 5-Pocket Plaid Pant – $48.65 ($69.50)

Just odd enough.

Straight leg, cotton, and a not too out-there plaid pattern.  All slapped on a cotton pant with a  5-pocket jean-like layout.  Haven’t seen them in person but they look like they could be winners.  Shipping is a decently low $4 flat rate if you’re not spending over the $100 free shipping threshold.


Kenneth Cole New York Cross My Mind Boot – $111.99 ($215)

Styling = simple but very, very effective.

Was on sale for $160 and now an extra 30% off that price.  Drops them to almost half retail and just above $100.  Ships free as well.  The cap toe makes it look like a sleeker more dressed up version of the Timberland 6″ city zip.  Still not a dress boot though.  A hybrid that lands somewhere in between.


Kenneth Cole New York Regal King – $103.60 ($148.00)

Not Allen Edmonds. In any way.

The round toe purists have never liked these.  But if you like a slightly elongated toe, and you can stand a bit of a rounded corner chisel at the end, then for just north of $100 it’ll be hard to do better.  Ships free and just barely.  Surprised they didn’t mark it down a few bucks more to nail you with shipping charges.  Full review here.


Banana Republic Merino Wool V-Neck – $41.65 ($59.50)

Best sweater so far this year?

Most of you guys know about the appreciation this website has for Banana Republic’s silk/cotton/cashmere v-necks.  They’ve been #1 for awhile despite their too deep V.  It’s time to crown a new champ.  This year’s BR merino v-necks are the perfect balance between:

  1. Weight – Not tissue thin, not bulky at all.
  2. Depth of V – It dips, but not wildly low.
  3. Width of collar ribbing – more substantial than the silk/cotton/cashmere blend.

They also fit decently close but not tight.  And now at 30% off, they’re a bargain at $40.  Well done BR.


Banana Republic Silk/Cotton/Cashmere V-Neck – $48.65 ($69.50)

Still very much appreciated.

As stated right up there ^  now #2 but a close second.  It’s really hard to beat the smoothness of the fabric on these.  And they’re awfully strong and wear well.  The V just dips a little too deep and they’re an extra $10 retail.


Banana Republic Full-Button Cardigan – $62.65 ($89.50)

Not quite as fitted in real life.

You see those two dents in the professional model’s sides in the pic on the left?  Looks like the stylist didn’t smooth out the impact of the close-pin, chip clip, or whatever it is they’re using to gather extra fabric at the back.  These are a bit boxy.  But if you happen to be a bit boxy yourself and want a cardigan that’s no fly-weight weakling, these are reinforced through the neck and placket and have a good but not too heavy weight to them.


Banana Republic Tweed V-Neck – $62.65 ($89.50)

Going to be your topmost layer.

If the other V-necks are soup, then this one is a stew.  Thick, chunky, and you won’t be comfortable with a blazer over it.  Just like stew.  No one likes a blazer over their stew.  A more noticeable knit with flecks in the fabric.  Warm and substantial, and not all that close fitting at the sides.

Both the Kenneth Cole and BananaRepublic.com sales expire today.  All sweaters shown are size medium.  Use BRSWEATER for the savings.  Free shipping kicks in at $100 with Kenneth Cole and $50 with Banana Republic.