Dockers Khaki Event Picks

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Dockers Annual Khaki Event – Ends 10/15, free shipping over $50

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Usually it’s just pants.  But this year Dockers has decided to put more of what they offer on sale.  Belts, shoes, shirts, the works.  Well, some of that stuff.  A lot of their selection hasn’t been marked down, but a good chunk of it has.

Dockers aren’t for everyone.  Even their D1s and their efforts to re-brand with new colors, less pleats, and more fabrics hasn’t convinced the lionshare of you guys.  That’s why Bonobos does so well.  But for those that swear by their Dockers, here’s some idea starters:

D1 Slim Fit Soft Khaki in Ghurka and Smokey Aqua$30.00 ($55)

A standard. Nice color options.

The D1 (slim, D2s are “straight” and D3s are roomy) soft khaki loses that permanent crease down the leg and has a washed and worn feel to the fabric.  Since business casual became the norm, that lighter yellowish khaki color has permeated many an average male’s chino collection.  Go with a more earthy, soaked color like Ghurka, or think about a pair in mid blue as a jeans alternative.


All the time Khaki Slim Fit – $35.00 ($58.00)

All the time. Except for bed. Probably.

All the time Khaki?  Sure looks like a cleaner, less rumpled, more dressed up version of the soft D1s.  Doesn’t appear to have a crease and the fit is pretty close.  See the legs on the white pair.  Close.


Alpha Khaki – $45.00 – $59.00 ($68)

Nice pants. Better boots.

The newest edition to the Dockers lineup and not easy to find in stores (tried and failed so far.)  They equate the fabric thickness to denim even though they’re twill.  Just more durable with none of that wispy cheap dress pants/pleated chinos feel.  Not cheap even on sale, and the mulberry color shown above is unfortunately right below free shipping levels.  They look pretty slick with tan Timberland 6″ earthkeepers side zipsicon though, don’t they?  (Okay fellas, who has personal experience with the Alpha Khaki.  They worth it?)


Rugby Shirt – $42.00 ($60.00)

Is $42 still too much?

The cut is allegedly slim(mer) and the non uniform striping helps it stand out.  Chambray-colored lining underneath the collar, and white/off-white elbow patches that match the collar.  That’ll be a little loud for some.  Available in a few other colors like this green/orange combination.  Sorry… “wild fern” and “terra cotta”


Man Tee – $4.99 and Canvas Belt – $14.99 ($28)

Shipping threshold tippers.

Why?  Because they’re cheap.  And if you’re close to free shipping, might as well give them a look to see if it’s worth it.  There’s a few colors in the canvas belts and sizes vary by color.  The “Man” tee (which I can’t type/read without thinking of this) only comes in small.  But how good would your wife or girlfriend look in it?

Hoooray Pants.  The Dockers annual Khaki Sale ends Saturday the 15th.  Leave your take on the Alpha below.