Would you wear it? The plaid peacoat and trench.

Would you skip a solid to favor plaid?
Banana Republic Plaid Peacoat – $223.50* | L.L. Bean Signature Blanket Trench – $350.00

Use code BR25OFF for 25% off purchases over $100.  Normally $298.00.  Code expires 9/20

Like a madras sportcoat in summer, plaid peacoats and overcoats in the fall and winter are louder than most will reach for.  But since it is the colder part of the year, colors are darker and patterns aren’t nearly as loud.

Both of these are wool mix with a little bit of nylon thrown in.  The L.L. Bean Signature is a knee length single breasted, and the BR is a shorter looking cropped style peacoat.  Seems like the designers at L.L. Bean Signature updated their wool trench from last year (now marked down to $150) with the bolder pattern.

The ideal length is usually mid thigh, which is long enough to cover a suit jacket easily but doesn’t leave you looking like you’re wearing a bathrobe.  Neither of these seem to hit that mi-thigh length (B.R. might be short, L.L. Bean a little long?  Maybe?)  But the patterns are something.  More subtle on the Banana Republic for sure, but the L.L. Bean Signature charcoal plaid is pretty slick.  The problem is what happens when you try to wear them with patterned pants, like say a wool herringbone or windowpane.  That’s a lot of pattern.

Would you wear one of them?  Both of them?  Both of them at the same time in an effort to cause spontaneous on the street hypnosis of strangers?  Neither?  leave your vote below…

*As always, there are B.R. sales often enough that waiting for at least 25% off is the way to go.