Would you wear it? The L.L. Bean Signature shirt jacket

On sale.  More at home amongst pines than sky scrapers.
L.L. Bean Signature Lined Wool Blend Shirt Jacket – $49.99 ($149.99)

Credit to John for sending in the style tip on this one.

Who wants to rake some leaves then pound some spiked hot chocolate in 45 degree weather?

It’s certainly not Saturday night in the city appropriate.  But if you want something with more character than a standard utility jacket or windbreaker, this might be worth a look.

It’s not pure woodsman, but upgraded woodsman.  Like a $90 Woolrich Civil War Blanket or a pair of Redwing for J. Crew boots.  The color scheme is terrific.  Green just doesn’t get enough play, and the orange really jumps.  Plus, unlike the blanket or Redwings, this isn’t a splurge, and it’s on sale for a song (relative to most outerwear prices.)

Elbow patches are allegedly actual leather, not fake like those on a certain close but no cigar cord blazer.

But would you wear it?  Leave your vote below.