The Suggestion: The 1.5″ Tie Bar (and “free” tie)

Shortening up your tie bar at a bargain of a price.
Alfani RED Tie with 1.5″ Tie Bar – $20.00 – $25.00

Note:  The above tie/tie bar combination doesn’t appear to exist online, so check in stores.

This probably comes down to the rule of thirds.  Or, flashbacks to the slow climb up one particular roller coaster as a kid, looking down at the lap bar not reaching all the way across both my legs and thinking:  “how the hell is this going to keep me in here?”  But it always did.

A one and a half inch tie bar is a little more casual than a full width tie bar.  It’s the not quite all the way across width which makes it seem a little more function instead of fashion first:

Tie by Lands’ End Canvas, Tie Bar by Alfani Red, Shirt by J.A.C.S.

It’s a matte/brushed silver, and it also happens to be a steal.  It has a good weight to it, doesn’t feel cheap, and usually runs around $20 – $25 at Macy’s if you happen across one on a sale day.  It also comes attached to a tie.  The tie is a too slim for some 2.5″ at it’s widest point, and… it’s all poly.  That’s good because it doesn’t shine.  That’s bad because, some understandably can’t stand polyester ties.  But it’s honestly not about the neckwear this time.

Kudos to for having a real nice variety of tie bars for $15.00 plus $5.99 shipping, so if you want something a little larger or even a little smaller, head in that direction.  Otherwise, if you play your cards right, you can get one for around the same price with no waiting.  And it happens to come with a tie.