The Splurge: Sebago’s Brattle Wingtip in dark brown

On sale but still a (close to perfect) splurge.
Sebago Brattle in Dark Brown – $130.00

This is the shoe version of Banana Republic’s canvas 5-pocket pant (last season’s) or the bull denim from Bonobos.  Perfect for those who don’t need to wear a suit and tie everyday, and if given the option, would rather wear dark jeans over chinos.  how these didn’t work their way into last week’s post on rugged laceups is a mystery.  Or a crime.  Or both.  I doubt Sherlock would take up the case though.

The leather quality is pretty damn good.  You could tell that your shoes used to be a living breathing creature (and thanks to that creature by the way.)  They don’t look like they were shot out of some injection molding machine, but instead are pliable and have dips and wrinkles.  They’re real, and instantly comfortable.

They look like they could use a little shoe creme out of the box, but that leather will brighten up just fine.  If you were forced to pick one pair of shoes to wear, year round, while not suited up or working out?  The Brattle in dark brown would be a perfect choice.  Even with shorts.

Equipped with true oxford closed lacing and a Vibram grip sole.  They’re described everywhere as being made in the Dominican (where most Sebagos are made) but the stamp on these clearly says China.  Pretttty sure China didn’t annex the Dominican Republic.  The dark brown is a tough color to find, but the black and tan suedes seem to pop up on Sierra Trading Post every so often.

Ships and returns free since they’re sold through Endless.  Was just on sale for $117.  Damn.