Style Debate: V-neck sweaters are dipping too deep

How much shirt sternum do we really need to show?

Above: Camel Cotton Cashmere Sweater by L.E.C. and White Shirt by Banana RepublicNavy Silk Cotton Cashmere Sweater by Banana Republic and White Shirt by Target MeronaGrey Merino Sweater by J. Crew FACTORY and White Shirt by Nordstrom

The case against deeper v-necks:  It’s understandable that jacket button stances have dropped now that hardly anyone is wearing 3-buttons anymore, but the V-Neck sweater line doesn’t need to follow.   That much depth can cause the collar to wrinkle up and slop all over the place.  Not good.  We’re getting awfully close to showing a third button (see the B.R. in the center) and even Lands’ End Canvas has lowered the depth of their V-necks this year.  It’s like a race to the navel.  If this doesn’t turn around soon and start heading north, we’ll all be wearing knit mankinis with sleeves.

The case for deeper v-necks C’mon now.  Live a little.  Sure deep V-necks are higher fashion, but with sweaters you’re always going to be wearing a shirt underneath.  Some think a deeper V slims down your torso.  It also makes you look a little less buttoned up.  If you’re worried about your shirt collar jumping out and doing that 70s fly-away thing, get yourself a pair of Wurkin Stiffs and it’ll stay in place all day.

Have you noticed that sweater V-necks have been going lower and lower?  Are you liking the trend or hating it?  Pick a side and make your case in the comments section.