Rank em’. Three Magazines That Cover Style

Ranking 3 of the most read style mags plus your write-in votes.

Here’s how this works.  Look at the options, pick your order, then leave your rankings in the comments section.  Feel free to explain why you placed what where.  This time around it’s three of the top magazines with a male target demo and spend some time covering style every month.  Rank them by order of preference.  Your favorite goes #1.


It's not Ryan it's... well actually it is Ryan.

Seems to be the least concerned with clothes out of the three.  If Esquire someday ran an “anti-style” issue, where not one inch of print was dedicated to clothes, they’d still be able to pull it off.  And then some.  Recently got a cleaned up website.  Allows you to request copies free of cologne ads (although the smell free option can sometimes be real slow to the door.)



More about clothes, but is that good?

It feels like GQ spends more time on style, but still has plenty of articles that are extremely well worth the read.  Lots of slideshows on their website.  Lots.



GQ's kid brother.

Does anyone actually subscribe to details?  Or do they survive purely on airport news stands and grocery store checkout lines?  More aggressive than GQ.  Sometimes eye rollingly so.

Remember, no one is forcing you to read any of these.  And if you’ve got a write in vote, leave it in the comments too.  Do you read these often?  Never?  Rankings go below.  Top photo credit