Last Call Neiman Marcus Extra 41% off Sale

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No code necessary but FRIEND50 gets you free shipping.  Exp. 8am CT on 9/30.

Neiman Marcus has had their “Last Call” stores for longer than a year, but their online home for outlet merchandise just turned the big 0-1.  To “celebrate” they’re knocking 41% off regular priced items through early Friday morning.  The term Regular Price might seem a little confusing since this is an outlet which discounts items as they hit the floor, but as long as it’s not in the super-ultra-clearance-section you seem to be good.

Neiman Marcus is a luxury retailer.  So their outlet is naturally filled with luxury goods.  Throw another almost half off on top of the outlet markdowns and all of a sudden many of our budgets are in business.

Sebago Storrow Leather Saddle – $56.05 ($145)

Skip the wings and pay half price.

Full marks to Palmenta for finding and mentioning these as well as the style tip on the sale as a whole.  Under $60 for this Sebago shape?  Incredible.  The all leather same color uppers make this as subtle as a saddle can be.


Magnanni Double Monks – $170.51 ($425)

Those'll do.

Good gracious mother hell pants.  This might be the one and only time when limited sizes are actually a GREAT thing.  Because if these came in plenty of sizes, too many of us would be scraping together too much cash that we otherwise shouldn’t be spending in order to pick up these Spanish made stunners.  Comes in suede too.


Magnanni Catania Oxford – $170.51 ($425)

¡Viva España!

Would you get a load of that heel.  The toe as well too.  True oxford lacing and a leather sole.  Decent size selection on these in that hardly ever happens $150 – $200 a price range.  An investment, but not a 401k bleeder.


Marc New York Napa Leather Jacket – $253.11 ($675)

Standing out from the dark leather crowd

The lighter Tobacco color isn’t your standard black or dark brown, but that’s sort of what makes it a step above the rest.  The price isn’t half bad either, especially since now it’s more than half off.


Neiman Marcus Trim Fit Check – $26.55 | Standard Fit Box Plaid – $28.91

Not bad for the office.

Both have decent sizes left.  Despite the fact you’ll need to get the standard fit tailored, at least it’s a non iron (which some actually don’t prefer.)  Both under $30, both by Neiman Marcus.  Regular price is $75 and $79.


Neiman Marcus Tipped Merino Mix Cardigan  – $44.25 ($125)

Could be dressed up or down.

No word on the fit with these, but at least it’s a Merino mix.  The other bit being Acrylic, which should lend some softness (albeit by way of a synthetic fabric.)  Nice black on charcoal tipping.


Glen Plaid Cashmere Scarf – $53.10 ($198)

¡Viva Scotland!

Old School winter luxury.  Glen Plaid pattern on cashmere.  I’ve never really truly been on board the cashmere train, but for $50 in that color and pattern, it could make a really nice gift for someone.


Marc New York Canvas Dopp Kit – $23.01 ($59.50)

Shave away.

Dopp kits can get outrageously expensive being that they: A. Spend most of the time in your luggage, and B. A Zip-Loc is more than capable of doing the same job.  Just over $20 isn’t too much and the color scheme is good and quiet.


Emporio Armani Silver Dial – $133 | Black Dial – $156 | Rectangle Watch – $127

All well under $200.

Sure Emporio Armani is a brand and not a true watchmaker, but they’ve got the styling right on these three.  Nice textures on the round dial and all three, the tank too, are chronographs.  Speaking of that tank, at 31mm in diameter it’s not some over-sized monster.  Originally $295, $345, and $275 respectively.


Ermenegildo Zegna Knotted Mother of Pearl Cuff links – $115.05 ($315)


As elegant as cuff links come.  Sterling silver with textured mother of pearl knots on the ends.  $115 is no small price (well, for Zegna it is) but if you’re the cuff link type who goes dressed up events, maybe a splurge is in order.


Wolverine Dawson Boot  in Grey and Brown – $64.31 ($150)

Yes that sole is red.

An odd duck but not an ugly duckling for everyone.  Red sole, non-traditional stitching across the top, and a standard brown and not standard grey.  Pretty cheap.  More views of these boots can be found over at Endless.

The Extra 41% off 1-year anniversary sale allegedly expires at 8am CT on Friday 9/30.  Know that Last Call doesn’t necessarily mean “final sale” either.  You can return items, but you’re on the hook for return shipping.  They do provide a smart label but a return shipping fee will be deducted from your return.