How To Wear It – The Cognac Boot

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Urban Outfitters Hawkings McGill Wingtip Boot – $88.00

Cognac colored shoes and boots can be limiting.  Most guys stay at arms (or legs) length from them because they’re a little tougher to pair up with the stuff you already have in your closet.  True they’ll be easiest to pair with blue, but don’t shy away from grey, black, and cream.  They pack a solid wallop themselves, so keeping the rest of what you have on pretty simple is the way to go.

For more on the boots, see the full in-person review of the Hawkings McGill Wingtip which did pretty well in our wingtip boot search.  These pairings can work just as easily for cognac lace ups with a slight casual feel.

1. With a dark waxed jacket:  Pants & Sweater by B.R., Waxed Jacket by U.O., Shirt by GAP

Motorcycle or Roadster ready

Brown and black can be hard to mix, but it is possible if they’re different enough in their shades yet their textures work well together.  The waxed cotton jacket is a stupid $40 on sale, and when put together with a black sweater, light blue oxford, then dropped on top of almost white pants, you’re ready to transition from summer to fall.


2. With wool pants for work:  Pants by L.L. Bean Signature, Shirt by Gap, Tie Bar by Alfani

Impress without a suit.

So you’re stuck in an office but you spend most of your time in your cubicle.  Nobody wears a suit, but you’d still like to dress a notch above what the norm is.  Wear a tie but keep it wool, like the pants.  A striped watch band on a white dial watch makes sure you’re casual enough.  The boots and their color will catch the eyes of your female coworkers.  (Watch by Victorninox, watch band by American Eagle, tie is vintage)


3. With denim: Jeans by Levis, Blazer by B.R., Shirt by ratio, Watch by Pulsar

Jeans, an easy but still great play.

You can do plenty with a light blue/leaning grey blazer.  It adds just the right amount of contrast without being Miami Vice-ish.  A uniform tattersall underneath gives a little depth, the jeans are your standard dark blue, and the warm brown of the shoes jump out against all of it.

Your take on cognac or lighter tan leather?  Do you even own a pair of shoes in this shade range or is it something you’ll pass on in favor of a standard medium to dark brown?  Leave it all in the comments below…