Dappered Classics: 5 Favorites – Grant Harris

Dappered Classics:  5 Favorites – Grant Harris

5 Favorites from Grant Harris of Image Granted

Sure it’s just stuff.  But stuff can make life easier, more enjoyable, etc…  Every so often we ask one of our favorite people to rattle off their five favorite things.  This is the stuff they’d grab if the house was burning down.

Grant Harris has a BA in Psychology from VMI, an MBA in Organizational Development & Psychology, and has showcased his sartorial skills in The Wall Street Journal and TIME.  Based in D.C., Grant offers private & corporate wardrobe consultations, personal shopping, and even provides closet organization sessions.

He loves to travel, has an incredible twitter feed you need to follow, and he’s the rare combination of high style and down to earth practicality.  These are his 5 favorites…

#1 Esquire Big Black Book Collection

“I have every one of these seasonal style guides except the first edition and I cherish them.  I look forward to reading them like a kid looks forward to Christmas.  The info and the pictures are so inspiring.  I use them as a reference guide and I enjoy writing my bi-annual BBB reviews for my readers and followers.”


#2 J. Crew Cotton/Cashmere Varsity Cardigan

“I like sweaters and the cardigan is my favorite type.  I’m also a big fan of J. Crew.  This cotton cashmere version is both soft and durable and it goes with just about anything from a tie and trousers to jeans and a button down and the varsity stripe adds a bit of flair.


#3 Martin Dingman Card Case

“I’m a minimalist and have never been a fan of huge wallets full of stuff I don’t need.  Having spent time in the military I learned not to use my pockets.  I use a credit card case and carry only the essentials.  Check card, driver’s license, AA A card, and a metro card.  Any money I have goes folded into a money clip.”


#4 Jack Black Grooming Products

“I’ve been using Jack Black for years now.  I’m impressed with their natural ingredients and it’s definitely a manly brand.  I’ve used the majority of their products from body wash, to shaving cream, to hand lotion, to cologne.”


#5 Randolph Engineering Sunglasses

“These are the aviators made for aviators.  The original cool sunglasses before Ray Bans made their splash, this was the first pair of sunglass I ever paid triple digits for but since I wear them everyday they’ve paid for themselves over the last few years.  The fit, look, and warranty is great and I plan on keeping them forever.”

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Very Top “5” Photo Credit: Gunnar Bangsmoen