The Suede Under $100 Wingtip Boot

Ships free too thanks to the new Nordstrom shipping policy.
The Fall Wingtip Boot Search – 1901 Carl Wingtip Boot – $99.95

Like a great Summer Suit, there’s something about a pair of sturdy and versatile wingtip boots in the fall.  Most have character to burn, and they can be dressed up with many of the rough textures and deeper colors we’ll see once the weather turns cooler.  Our search for the best affordable wingtip boots is on, and feel free to send in suggestions via styleip.  Ships free now that Nordstrom is offering “free shipping on all orders and all returns.”  Not bad.

Full honesty here:  Really thought I was going to like these more, and was hoping for something similar to the Mike Konos suede cap toe that has long since sold out. That’s certainly not to say these aren’t a solid deal at under $100 shipped.  And if you like your footwear real quiet with a little bit of noticeable character, then maybe they’re for you.

Everything sort of blends together on these.  The suede is plenty nice and they’re good and comfortable, but thanks to the all brown on brown on brown color scheme, nothing stands out.  They don’t have the sleek lines of the Ciro Lendinis, and they’re slightly more bulbous through the toe compared to the the recently reviewed Hawkings McGill.

The sole is (obviously) man made and they do look like they’d be a nice unusual weekend boot upgrade.  But they’re not quite drool worthy.  If only Florsheim made their Grey suede Gaffney without the lug sole.  Then plenty of us would be slobbering like a mastiff.

Ships free thanks to the new Nordstrom free shipping/returns policy.

Best Wingtip Boot under $100 – Florsheim Gaffney – $96.00 w/ LINK20
Best Dressed Up Wingtip BootItalian Made Ciro Lendini Wingtip Boot – $149.00