Ten stylish picks under $10.00

Ten stylish picks under $10.00

When did everything get so damn expensive?  It used to be that you could pay full retail for something and not have to promise your first born in exchange.  Although it’s getting a little parched, The well of cheap hasn’t run completely dry quite yet.  Ten picks, each under ten dollars (shipping not included) follow below.    Above Photo Credit


1. The Duplex Cocktail – $6.00 – $10.00 (plus tip)

Looks manly enough.

Half sweet vermouth & half dry.  Dashes of orange bitters too.  As basic as it gets and lower in alcohol than most mixed drinks.  Plenty of flavor, but that’s not to say it’s flavor everyone will like.  Dappered Drinks Correspondent Michael Bowers says the key is to use high quality vermouth.  So best not to order one of these in a place where they don’t specialize in cocktails.  Even at home with standard vermouth it’ll still taste pretty darn good.


2. Lands’ End Canvas Striped Socks – $6.99 ($14.50)

About as nuts as you'd like your socks to get.

The bold striped sock thing isn’t going away.  The grey stripes are a perfect way to hedge if you don’t want to go super bold with the white.  A good pickup if you’re close to the usual LEC ships free w/ code & $50 purchase threshold.
UPDATE:  Use the code untucked and the pin 1145 for free shipping no minimum.  Credit Rxheel in the comments.


3. James Brown Live at the Apollo 1962 – $7.75

Fellas... he's ready to do his thing.

If JFK killed the hat, then James Brown killed the cape.  But unlike JFK, the garment that fell out of favor due to the Godfather of Soul wasn’t because he chose NOT to wear it, it is instead because he wore the ever living sh*t out of it.  The only thing better than James Brown is live James Brown.  And since he’s dead, this is all we have left.


4. GAP Straw Porkpie – $6.99 (reg. $29.95)

Not for everyone.

Mind you, the vast majority of us aren’t hat guys.  And some of the guys who think they’re hat guys, aren’t actually hat guys.  So make sure you’re a hat guy before you pickup another hat.  If you are?  This ain’t a bad pick.


5. The Upgraded Car Wash – $6 – $10.00

No basic wash today kids. Dad's gettin' the ultra shine!

C’mon high roller.  Time to spend an extra couple bucks and get that extra round of foam wash, a tire shine blast, and whatever wax treatment the car wash claims to spew out.  Even if those extra dollars just go towards liquid placebo, it’s sometimes money well spent.  Car wash sign photo credit


6. J. Crew Factory Naval Web Belt – $9.99 (reg. $29.50)

Pants. Not on the ground.

Green on one side, navy on the other.  Web belt with a classic buckle that won’t slip throughout the day.  Go ahead and wear it with an unstructured blazer, an un-ironed shirt, and some desert boots.


7. E.L.F. Shine Eraser Sheets – $1.49 for 50 sheets

Holds off the shine from returning too.

For the hot and sticky times of year, or for when your location (like an airplane) is ungodly hot for no reason.  A bit better than a handkerchief, since they seem to do a good job of preventing that greasy shine from returning.  Fits real easily in your inside jacket pocket too.


8. Brooks Brothers Knot Cufflinks – $9.00 (or 4 for $20)

Plenty of colors, good quality.

You’d be surprised how often you’d wear your french cuff shirt (or shirts) if you had some relaxed cuff links to use with them.  Plenty of opportunities to wear them around this time of year.


9. Target Mossimo Athletic Fit Polo $8.99 – $11.99

Might be the best value out there right now.

They go on sale quite a bit, but even at the full price of, brace yourselves, TWELVE BUCKS… they can easily make a run at the Express Signature for best fitting and feeling polo out there.


10. Light Starch – $2.50 – $4.00

Use just a little. It does actually go a long way.

It’s not always about what you wear, but how you take care of it.  And starch makes ironing 10x easier.  Use just a very tiny bit on almost everything this side of t-shirts and jeans.

Your turn.  What’s your favorite ultra cheap purchase?  Keep it around or under $10, and leave them all below…