Style Debate: The Mad Men “trends” worth keeping

Deciding what stays and what to let go from Don Draper's closet.
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Is it just me or does Banana Republic seem a day late and a dollar short with this Mad Men stuff?
– Matt M. via styletip

That’s a good question.  But credit to AMC’s Mad Men.  It’s a great show.  (Or so I’ve heard since I still haven’t seen an episode.)  Credit to their marketing team as well.  The fifth season doesn’t even premier until “early 2012″ but they’re still staying front of mind by launching a new collaboration with a mass retailer like Banana Republic.

But is this whole “dress like it’s the 1960s” thing petering out?  And did Mad Men really have that big of an impact?  Did it really change men’s (and women’s) style, or, did Mad Men and its tailored, clean, muted style happen to come along when we were headed in that direction anyway?  Regardless of whether Mad Men was the cause of, or, a simple coincidence alongside an already occurring style shift, here’s one opinion of what Mad Men-esque details are worth hanging on to:

Worth Keeping
  • Well fitting tailored suits.  Including the three piece.
  • The pocket square.
  • Women wearing dresses more often.
Time to let it go
  • Ultra skinny ties with ultra tiny collars.
  • Greased hair.
  • Cigarettes used as accessories.
  • Monochrome suit and tie pairings.
  • Guys forcing fedoras.

Copying isn’t a good idea.  But there’s nothing wrong with finding a little inspiration and mixing in a couple of things here and there.  Wearing everything at once makes you look like a wayward costume party attendee.  The question is, what Mad Men style, to you, is worth keeping around?  The floor is yours.  Leave it all in the comments below.

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