Style Debate: Dress Shirts – Pocket vs. No Pocket

Traditional and cargo ready vs. modern and sleek.
Nordstrom Smartcare Trim Fit – $49.50 | Calibrate Trim Fit – $59.50

The case for the Shirt Pocket:  It’s not like they’re pleats.  They’re traditional but still functional.  A lot of men use their dress shirt pockets all the time.  And… they do so without the use of a pocket protector.  You can hang a security badge from them, stash a few bucks in there if you’re in a rush, and they’re hardly ever seen if you’re wearing a suit jacket or blazer.

The case for No Shirt Pocket Thankfully, shirts have gotten trimmer over the last decade, but designers and retailers still sew the same bulky & bulging pockets on the front.  You’d think they’d slim the pockets down with the silhouettes.  It really screws up your lines if you’re wearing a slim tie and you’ve got this behemoth of a pocket on your chest.  Sort of like wearing a slim tie with massive peak lapels.  It looks unbalanced.  In this time of rising prices and cost cutting… save some cotton.  Lose the damn shirt pockets already.

Which side are you on?  Do you have a strong preference either way?  Or have you never really even thought about whether or not your shirt has a pocket on the front of it?  It all goes in the comments section below…

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