Rugby 20% Off Fall Sale

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Take 20% off Rugby Fall items with code FALLRUGBY11

Free Shipping kicks in at $125 pre-code with $5 flat rate shipping for orders shipped within the continental US.

Rugby is about as hit and miss as it gets.  Sometimes they look like regurgitated Abercrombie and Fitch leftovers.  But sometimes they look like a hybrid between Jack Spade and Brooks Brothers.  Some color, a heavy dose of prep, and… usually expensive.

Most of their clothes are way out of reach, but some of their accessories and smaller items can be had for a pretty decent deal.  Especially now that they’re offering 20% off fall styles with the code FALLRUGBY11.  Their sale section is on extra sale too and the code won’t work there.  Here’s a few picks from the code eligible stuff.

Canvas Messenger Bag – $134.40 ($168)

They say it's durable...

Not a bad looking alternative to the J. Crew twill brief (which on a side note, is holding up for me real well… so far).  14″ long so it won’t fit all laptops.  Nice top grab handle that’s positioned in the middle, not on a side.  That’s key because otherwise the weight of the bag will kick it to one side, which gets annoying real quick.  Ships free.


Canvas and Leather Weekender – $142.40 ($178)

Small, but slick.

Nice contrast between the light canvas body and the leather accents.  Leather piping on the seams also looks sharp.  No shoulder strap on this one.  Also ships free.  The major issue is it’s pretty small.  If the measurements are accurate (only 5″ deep?  really?) then this thing is skinny.  Half the available interior space of a  Duluth Pack.


Surcingle Striped Cotton/Leather Belt in red or green – $47.60 ($59.50)


The cool weather version of your favorite striped summer belt.  Colors are fall ready, the leather is nice and dark, and if you’re the type who doesn’t wear a ton of color then these can upgrade an otherwise dreary look.


 Wool Shetland and Tweed Herringbone Ties – $55.60 ($69.50)

Fall can't get here fast enough.

Another splurge for sure, but these are both made in Italy with a few construction details that should lead to sturdiness and the ties producing great knots.  They look downright skinny on the web, but they’re almost 3″ wide which is ideal for plenty of us.


Brown Tweed Run Bow Tie – $39.60 ($49.50)

Maybe even non-bow tie wearers could pull this off.

I don’t always wear bow ties (read: never…) but when I do, I prefer bow ties that look like this. 


Vintage Chino University Pant – $55.60 ($69.50)

A favorite for some.

North of fifty bucks is a lot for a pair of chinos that aren’t Bonobos, but plenty of guys swear by these.  No personal experience (yet) on this end to offer, but if you’re an owner and believer, feel free to leave your take on these in the comments below.

No word on when FALLRUGBY11 expires.  Also, this sale seems rare.  It’s been awhile since they did a code that worked on full price new arrivals.