Rank ’em. Three Semi-Girly Things

Three options.  What's the most girly?  What's not?  You decide.

Here’s how this works.  Look at the options, pick your order, then leave your rankings in the comments section.  Feel free to explain why you placed what where.  This time around it’s (arguably) semi-girly things that somehow in someway have to do with style.  Rank ’em from MOST girly to least.  Girliest gets #1.  Least gets #3.  Let’s get after it…

Using Eye Cream: “Yes to Carrots” Eye Cream – $7.99

Not as good as 8 hrs of sleep, but it helps.

No one will know except those who have access to your medicine cabinet.  As guys, we tend to stay up too late, drink a little too much, and not get enough relaxation in.  That shows up first in our face, and then next around our waist.  Unlike your gut, you can’t run the bags off your eyes.  But eye cream can help.  A little.


Driving a Mini Cooper – $10,000 – $35,000

Pint sized but still cool?

It’s not like it’s a Beetle.  This might come down to the paint job and available options.  Get a darker color and go with the turbo charged engine (which you can drive the hell out of) and it’s a pissed off bulldog.  A tiny, tiny bulldog.  But still.


Getting your eyebrows professionally “done”

Son, we need to talk.

Some guys just have out of control eyebrows and really bad hand/eye coordination.  You should be taking care of your unibrow yourself if you’ve got one, but if you keep screwing it up, maybe it’s best to leave it to a pro.  Or… not?

Remember, to each his own.  No one is forcing you to do any of this.  Also keep in mind that just about anything this side of a pleated skirt can be pulled off with the right confidence and a touch of swagger.  Your turn.  Most girly gets #1… least gets #3.  Rankings go below.  Top photo credit  Mini photo credit