J. Crew Timex Alternatives Week Long Series – The Citizens

Plus vote for your favorite from this past week.

You can get far on a good reputation.  For men’s style, nowhere is that more clear than with J. Crew’s marketing & selling of Timex Watches.  They look great and many swear by them despite the price, but reasonable alternatives exist for a fraction of the cost.  This is part of our week long series on finding field watches that look just as good, and cost a whole lot less.  For more, see the archive.

Citizen Eco-Drive Chronograph – $135.00

Lots for less than you'd think.

Hat tip to DGHayes who left a comment over here and beat me to it.  Watches get progressively more expensive for plenty of reasons.  Two of which are how they’re powered and whether or not they have a chronograph.  Equipped with Citizen’s terrific Eco-Drive, this one is a not tiny 41mm and comes with a chronograph.  That and it looks awesome.  All for $135 and sold direct through Amazon.  Not bad.  Band width is a bigger 21mm.


Citizen Eco-Drive Non-Chrono – $87.00

Noticeably smaller than the chrono

The first watch’s kid brother.  Or, since it’s just over 37mm in diameter… kid sister?  No matter what gender is wearing it, it’s light, it’s cheap, and it’ll never need a battery thanks to the Eco-Drive.  18mm lugs on this one.


Citizen Eco-Drive Black Dial – $120.00

Also a light powered Eco-Drive

The tweener with a different look to it.  Reminiscent of the Momentum Atlas for sure with the fatter numbers and arrow hand.  40mm in diameter with the larger 21mm band width.

Your turn guys.  Which was your favorite from the past week?  Got a write in?  (Like the ultra-inexpensive Timex Easy reader)  Or despite the cost, do the J. Crew watches still win out?  Cast your vote below.  Top Photo Credit