In Person: The Under $150 Made in Italy Wingtip Boot

Slim lines, plenty of detail, and a price that's not half bad.
Ciro Lendini Wingtip Boot – $149.00

The Florsheim Gaffney is almost perfect.  But the lug sole on that under $100 ships-free bargain limits its use.  These from the seems-to-only-be-on-Yoox brand Ciro Lendini are made in Italy, and true to Italian form, they’re slightly slimmed down and a bit more dressed up.

The leather on the Gaffney was good.  This is a step above but not mind blowing.  Very pliable, has a good look & feel right out of the box, and they feel great against your feet once laced up.  The shaft of the boot doesn’t offer any real support since the leather is so soft, so if you’re used to your boots being hockey skate stiff, these won’t work.  They’re supportive otherwise, but not north of your Achilles.

The dark brown is so dark that in some light it could be mistaken for black.  The detail stitching and perforations are what you want in a wingtip boot.  Noticeable but not insane, and instead of a plain toe you get a medallion with these.

If you’ve got a widefoot, forget it.  The size 10 pair shown here fit my 10.5 foot just fine, but they do hug right up on the widest part of my foot.  Not an issue for me, but know I’m on the borderline between the D and E crowd.

Unfortunately the sole isn’t leather.  Or, if you live in a wet climate (Seattle, Portland, Bangor, lookin’ at you) then rephrase that to:  fortunately, the sole is a not noticeable rubber.  Not a bad option on really wet days when the dress shoes stay in the closet.  Suit worthy for sure, especially when paired with a texture like tweed of flannel.

Have any experience with Ciro Lendini?  What’s your take on wingtip boots in general?  It all goes below…