Would you wear it? The Club Collar

Would you wear it?  The Club Collar
Lands’ End Canvas Club Collar Oxford – $49.50

Ships free (no minimum) with code DEFINED with pin 2514.  Expires 7/15.

“I’ll see your Mad Men and raise you a Boardwalk Empire.”

The continuing release of vintage inspired men’s style pieces has started to feel a bit like a pop culture poker game.  If Mad Men brought back the pocket square (thanks by the way), then Boardwalk Empire revived the… collar pin.  Right, so, most of us aren’t willing to go that far, but what about a rounded off club collar?

No buttons to button it down, no semi-spread vs. full cutaway spread, just a slim collar with rounded off corners.  Designers from J. Crew, to now Lands’ End Canvas are softening their edges.

But would you wear it?  Leave your vote in the comments below…

Below Left: from Rugby – $59.50, Right: The Splurge. Made in the USA by Fifth&Brannan – $125