The High Class Low Cost Watch

The High Class Low Cost Watch
The Skagen Super Slim 858XLS – $88.00 – $110.00

Pictured above, the tough to find 858XLSLDN which features a grey dial, blue hands, & smooth brown band.

Many swear by the Danish watch brand Skagen.  Others find their watches a little small and simple.  Sometimes a lack of any gap between case and pins seen on most of their models can look too modern.  The Super Slim series, & specifically this brown/grey/blue color scheme, should make the doubters take another look.  All while not straying too far from Skagen’s design wheelhouse.

Still modern and minimalist, it has an ideal 41mm case diameter (from edge to crown edge) which is slightly larger than most other Skagens.  Set next to a Seiko SNZJ it looks smaller but it’s not completely dwarfed.  It’s certainly not big, but it won’t look tiny on the average wrist either.  Plus, the band doesn’t meld right into the case and the watch ends up looking all the better for it.

It’s feather light and the super-slim moniker is more than appropriate.  You almost forget it’s on your wrist, until someone goes ahead and asks you where you got it.

It looks like an heirloom of some sort.  Especially in this color scheme.  Maybe something your uber-rich great Uncle Corneilus (didn’t know you had one did you) wore during his retirement years in the 50s, then somehow you ended up with it through a typo in his estate paperwork.

The grey dial/blue hands/brown band color scheme is a challenge to find.  Found this one at a Dillard’s near the Dappered home offices.  Any leads on where else to find this scheme are more than welcome in the comments.