Style Scenario: The Hot Weather Dressed Up Dinner Date

Answering the "what to wear" question one scenario at a time.

What are you going to wear?  Sometimes there’s an easy answer.  Sometimes not.  Sometimes it’s good to look at a few suggestions then add your own tweaks and ideas.  That’s what these are for.   All designed to get you in some stuff that’ll make you look and feel great, then get you out the door and off to do things other than thinking about your clothes.  Look for these with no regularity.  Want to suggest a scenario?  Send those in here.


The Suit: Your favorite khaki chino or linen suit – Starting at $125.00

Don’t wait on a wedding

Here’s how it usually goes after a guy buys his first summer suit.  He wears it to a wedding or two and feels great.  Then he’ll leave it in his closet for the rest of the season, wearing it just once or twice.  Pardon the all caps, but… WEAR IT AS MUCH AS YOU CAN.  If you and your better half are going out to a nice restaurant, put on your summer suit.  It’ll look like you just stepped off the plane from Cannes.  Two options worth a look:  The very well liked L.L. Bean Siganture (now $125) and the Bonobos Chino Lino Blazericon & Panticon (UPDATE:  Runs $325 if you use the code HEATWAVE which takes 30% off all sale items, which in this case, is the jacket.  $350 if you join their emailicon)


The Shirt:  A substantial collar, bright white, french cuff – $55.00

The shirt you see above is unfortunately a traditional fit, so it’ll need tailoring.  But the collar is a good sized semi (not full) spread which will stand up well and frame your face.  Don’t want to spring for tailoring?  Express makes a 1MX with a french cuff, and Calibrate makes one tooicon (albeit with a smaller collar than the Nordstrom)


The Collar Stays:  Wurkin Stiffs – $26.25

You’ll want these for going tieless

One of the greatest inventions in Men’s Style in the last 10 or 20 years.  No more floppy collars.  No more collar points that drift over your lapels.  Perfect for summer (even if the interior magnet shows a little when you open 2 buttons.)


The Cufflinks:  Sky Blue Knots – $4.99 (but you can find sets of multiples for cheap)

This entire outfit is about merging a high level of dress (suit, french cuff, cufflinks) with more casual materials and how they’re laid out (khaki, chino/linen, tieless).  The silk knots add a very subtle injection of color, all while continuing with that dressed up but still dressed down balance.