Style Battle: The Postal Service vs. UPS

Style Battle: The Postal Service vs. UPS
Mailman Style vs. UPS What-Can-Brown-Do-For-You Style

Above Photo credits:  USPS Logo | UPS Shield

Forget your preferred method of shipping for a second.  This is about how they look when walking up to your door, box in hand.  Everybody likes to see their order arrive, but somebody has to make that happen.  And it’s the delivery person who makes the final hand off to the customer.  So which side wins in the category of visual presentation?

The case for The Postal Service:. This is no competition.  Just look at the color scheme. Your United States Postal Service is outfitted in chambray blue, navy, and white.  You could wear an entire suit/shirt/tie combination out of those three.  The accessories options are endless (bags, hats… pith helmets.)  Plus our first Postmaster General was Ben Franklin.  That guy was quite the dresser.  The proof?  All the ladies loved him.

The case for UPS:. Hang on there mailman.  If you want to make this about impressing the ladies, then just compare our vehicles.  Chicks dig the truck.  You’re stuck puttering around in a rig that looks more appropriate for delivering ice cream than parcels.  UPS doesn’t mess around with water bills or junk mail, so our uniforms (as brown as they are) cover physiques that have been sculpted by hauling boxes all day.  When those aforementioned ladies see us roll up in the truck and jump out in those trim shorts which they love?  Just one glance at these parcel lifting glutes and they can’t wait to get their hands on this package.

Your turn.  Which delivery team has the better overall style?  Make your case in the comments below…