Dappered Classics: The Guy’s Guide to Cleaning

Dappered Classics: The Guy’s Guide to Cleaning

How to Clean like a Man – 5 Fast Steps to a Woman Approved Place

Originally published 9/15/2010 as a guest post written for ArtofManliness.com

Somewhere between the regressive embracing of sloppiness and the following hyper-reaction that was the metro-sexual movement, guys forgot how to be men.  The Art of Manliness is on a mission to resurrect that endangered middle ground of manners, grit, and smoothed out toughness.  AoM is way more than just style.  Learn the basics of boxing, how to escape a riptide, and absorb money and career advice from the likes of… Ben Franklin (no really).  Plus, they’ve got a massive archive of classic clothing and accessory pieces that you, your grandpa, and his grandpa would have been proud to own.

AoM is one of the big-dogs on the web for guys who are always looking to get a little better.  At everything.  So it was a real pleasure compiling a new guy’s guide to cleaning for them.  Part of being a grown-up is picking up after yourself.  Dressing well could land you a few dates, but what happens when she comes over to watch a movie and your place looks like a prime candidate for the A&E show Hoarders?

Click on over to Art of Manliness and check it out.  Don’t forget to add any other tips or suggestions you might have for making and keeping your place relatively clean.

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