Boston Style with Kristy

Boston Style with Kristy

Paul usually writes about technology, but he writes about travel too.  And he’s gearing up for a year-long ramble around the states.  How then, could he write about both men’s style and travel when he’s going to be living out of a van and skipping showers?  By interviewing people in the places he visits and getting their take on the local look.  This is a test run, so let us know what you think in the comments.

Kristy is one of the entrepreneurs behind Quinn Popcorn, an all-natural microwave popcorn start-up that only uses pure ingredients, and she’s a New England native currently living in Boston.  Learn more about her and her business at or by following @quinnpopcorn on Twitter.

How would you describe men’s style in Boston?

Boston has a ton of colleges and start-ups in the area and the music scene in and around Boston is unreal.  Given this, the city is casual, but in a very hipster kind of way … and then there is Cambridge.

Cambridge and Boston are two totally different fashion worlds in my opinion.  You have old school Burberry, boot cut jeans, and L.L. Bean duck boots on Charles Street in Boston that collide with skinny jeans, Converse or Campers, and Hickoree’s Hard Goods button down shirts on Mass Ave in Cambridge.  Facial hair is also big.  It all comes to a head in Harvard Square where anyone can pretty much fit in.  Take your pick, you can’t go wrong.

What’s a popular look in Boston right now?

I have been seeing a lot of awesome, light-weight, military-inspiredicon jackets these days.  They’re either total prep or total indie.  Being that it’s summer now, and it’s still only about 60 degrees, people have been slowly breaking into their jean cut offs … especially over in Cambridge and especially if you ride a bike.

What’s a Boston fashion don’t — what do people wear that’s terrible?

I see too many Birkenstocks around … and Tevas!  AND people wearing boots with their shorts … Let’s agree not to do any of that.

What’s the best look for a guy?

A neat beard, leather flip flops, and a linen button down shirt tucked into light weight navy Bermuda shorts.

Got another take on Boston style?  Let us know in the comments.   And if you want to keep track of Paul’s other travel adventures, check out or follow @drivinginertia on Twitter.