Amazon Extra 20% Off Select Watches Clearance

Amazon Extra 20% Off Select Watches Clearance
Amazon’s Extra 20% off Watch Sale – No Code Needed.  Savings at Checkout.

Halfway through the year and even the biggest retailers are trying to clear their decks.  Amazon is running a select watches sale (they pick, no blanket discount) and an extra 20% discount kicks in right before you click purchase.  All are sold direct through Amazon, and all come with at the very least, an Amazon backed warranty.  Here’s the best available, and sorry Auto fans… all but one (and it’s a doosie) are quartz.

NOTE: Watches shown are/were sold direct by Amazon at time of publishing.  Sometimes if Amazon sells out of a watch, they’ll plug in a 3rd party seller & the discount (and potential warranty coverage) won’t apply.  So double check before you finalize your purchase.

Victorinox Swiss Army Maverick II – $196.00($325.00)

Not easy to find a Victorinox chrono under $200.

About as good as a year round sport/weekend watch gets.  Great for the summer.  Sapphire crystal, beefy but not outrageously huge 43mm case diameter, and the perfect not too showy accent color… green.  Check the details on the warranty info.  Amazon has you covered.


TX 400 Series Perpetual Weekly Calendar – $267.20 (reg. $495.00)

Time's almost up for the TX.

Ignore the white band when you click through to Amazon.  That’s a $20 fix.  The TX watch brand is going extinct.  And their 400 series perpetual calendar design, with that slick orange tipped day and date indicator, will be sorely missed.  Was going for under $200 for a short time back in May.


Armani Rectangle – $146.00 ($245.00)

Better wear a jacket with this one.

Dressed up for sure.  Black tie worthy even.  A slightly modernized spin on the rectangular classic.  White dial with silver roman numerals.  Item title on Amazon mentions something about cufflinks?  Who knows…


Embassy by Gruen watch with three NATO straps – $15.92 ($40.00)

Could make a lovely paper weight.

Beater watch!  $16?  Doesn’t ship free (it’s not over $25.  Got a CD you want?) but it does come with a total of three bands.  Description says the bands are 20mm, but a reviewer said they’re more like 22.  Same reviewer also mentioned that the “watch has a cheap feel.”  You’re kidding.


Tissot Quadrato – $175.16 ($375.00)

Circles, always. Squares? Sometimes.

Not for everyone and certainly not if you’re just starting to build up a watch collection.  Square champagne dial, blue second hand, and a nice nut crown.  Hard to miss even though the colors are toned down.


Citizen Eco-Drive White Dial Chronograph – $130.00 ($325.00)

Powered by light.

Ignore that stainless band.  A white dial with white numerals and a silver stainless steel band is a whole lotta lightness going on.  Kill the band and swap out for either a leather or canvas option.  Maybe a candidate for a couple of those interchangeable leather NATO straps?  Description says the diameter is 46mm.  Really?  That big?


Oris 623 Artelier – $1394.00 ($2050.00)

Pretty. And costs many, many pennies.

Well who WOULDN’T think an Oris would show up in Amazon’s Clearance Sale?  Skeleton case-back shows off the Swiss auto movement, simple dial, and… serves as a wearable mortgage payment (and then some, for some.)  Have no idea why this is here.  Does anyone actually think: “Nah… $2000 is too much.  But if it’s on sale for $1400, then I’m totally in.”  Are sales still tempting when you’re making enough to be okay with more than a grand worth of watch on your wrist?  They say your spending habits will keep pace with your lifestyle.  Perhaps this is proof.

The Amazon extra 20% off sale ends… well… not really sure when this one ends.  Too bad the Seiko 5 SNZJs didn’t get the extra 20% off treatment.  That would have been beyond nice.