The four in one summer belt

The four in one summer belt
L.L. Bean Four-In-One Belt – $29.99 (and ships free)

Credit to Jonathan H. for sending in the style tip on this (or is it these?)

Like a couple NATO straps for your waist, this thing might be a panacea for your summer belt wants.

Unlike the NATO straps, which aren’t reversible thanks to the buckles, these are striped on one side and solid on the other.  The red and navy stripe is a solid navy on the back, with the khaki/navy being all khaki on the flip side.  Pretty clever way to work four belts into one purchase.

Not everyone is in love with roller-style buckles (a scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly…) but unlike a lot of grosgrain D-Ring belts, a roller-style won’t slip throughout the day.

Thirty bucks, over four out of five stars through 20 reviews, ships free.

Poll time… do you own a summer type of belt?  If so, what’s the style?  Nylon?  Canvas?  D-ring?  Leave it all below.