Style Scenario: Summer Evening Laid Back Drinks

Style Scenario: Summer Evening Laid Back Drinks

What are you going to wear?  Sometimes there’s an easy answer.  Sometimes not.  Sometimes it’s good to look at a few suggestions then add your own tweaks and ideas.  That’s what these are for.  All designed to get you in some stuff that’ll make you look and feel great, then get you out the door and off to do things other than thinking about your clothes.  Look for these with no regularity.  Want to suggest a scenario?  Send those in here.


The Blazer:  J. Crew Corded Cotton$120 | INC Linen Blend – $63.99 w/code SUMMER

What the... easy on the V-necks fellas.

Unless you’re living somewhere with awful doesn’t-let-up-even-at-night humidity (in which case, you probably have a good arsenal of linen/cotton suits, shirts, pants, etc…), wearing a cotton jacket in summer isn’t that big of a deal.  But keep the jacket itself light in color and weight.  Both of these will do just fine.
(And there’s always the Banana Republic Tailored Micro Stripe too.)


The Shirt(s):  L.L. Bean Signature Gingham – $39.99 or J. Crew Windowpane – $59.50

Just interesting enough, without reaching too far.

For those that hardly ever wear red, summer is the time to dust it off and give that color a spin.  The L.L. Bean Gingham shirt just went on sale and has a nice balance between brightness and check size.  If you really can’t bring yourself to wear red, hedge with something like the more white than blue J. Crew windowpane.


The Pocket Square:  Merona Navy Blue Handkerchief (part of 3-pack) – $5.00

Please excuse the Moire Effect

They say you’re supposed to have your pocket square play well in tone (but not exactly) with either your shirt or tie.  You always see lighter pocket squares.  In this case, a deep navy brings the pop of contrast to the lighter jacket, and even if you’re going with the red check, the square will play off your jeans.  Speaking of…


The Pants:  Your Favorite Denim – Levi’s 501 $36.00 w/ code 10PCTSUM

Use code 10PCTSUM for 10% off at

Dark denim with a light colored jacket works awfully well when the summer temps cool once the sun goes down.  Stow the white pants until the sun comes back up.


The Shoes:  Calvin Klein Carter Textured Laceup – $63.50 – $130.00

Sockless for sure.

Keep an eye out for these on HauteLook, Gilt, Etc… They just started trickling through to a few of the flash sale sites.  Looks like the textured leather upper is scaring a few people off, but along with the contrast sole, that’s precisely what makes these shoes perfect for summer drinks.  Just odd and relaxed enough, but still has a dress shoe shape.


The Watch:  Tissot T-Classic Desire – $169.75 (reg. $200)

Guaranteed to never go out of style.

A bright white dial, roman numerals, razor sharp hands, and the fact it’s fulfilled by Amazon all make this thing a winner.   Are roman numerals dressy?  Sure.  But slightly unexpected dressed up additions are what make a not schulby yet still casual outfit.

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