Lands’ End Canvas Summer Sale + Free Shipping

Lands’ End Canvas Summer Sale + Free Shipping
Use the L.E.C. code GETREADY w/ pin 1106 for free shipping, no minimum.

Code expires Tuesday June 28th 2011

No hard data has been collected to back this up… but it sure feels like there hasn’t been a major Lands’ End Canvas sale in awhile.  You have to go clear back to April when they did that limited time 40% off one item sale, which wasn’t all that long after they won Store Wars.  The wild jump in cotton prices has caused a lot of brands to scramble, so maybe the perceived pullback in major discounts by L.E.C. is a result of rising production costs.

No matter now though.  Their summer sale is a good ol’ fashioned (can one say that about a brand that’s been around for only a couple years?) L.E.C. sale.  Lots to choose from, plenty of markdowns.  Here’s the picks:

Cotton Madras Tie – $24.99 ($39.50)

Hang it up when football gets underway.

Madras by its nature is busy, but this version (the larger pattern option) comes with base colors that are cooled off and balanced.  Even the accent colors are muted.  The best way to wear it?  Could be with not so summery dark denim, sockless with loafers, and with a lighter grey sportcoat on top.
UPDATE: The larger pattern version looks to be sold out.


Heritage Straight Fit Jean – $14.99 ($49.50)

Good for the guys with haunches.

Fifteen bucks for a pair of jeans which ship free is about as good as it gets.  Mind you the LEC Straight fit isn’t as close as a 501, so if you’re okay with a little more room, you’ll be fine.  Go with the rinsed indigo.  Full review here.


Striped Jersey- $14.99 ($24.50) and Slub Contrast Placket Polos – $24.99 ($39.50)

Different enough.

Two ways to break out of the solid rut.  Can’t go wrong with L.E.C.’s jersey polo fabric (but know it runs a tad larger through the sides than the Express Signature or Mossimo Athletic fit.)  And that contrast placket ain’t half bad either.


Shawl Collar Toggle Sweater – $34.99 ($59.50)

About as far from a boring crewneck as possible.

Toggles for the sake of toggles can look fussy, but for some reason they work well on this thing.  Plays successfully on the nautical trend, and looks like a sweater you’d reach for on a cool Saturday morning coffee run, or a night in hanging out on the back porch with your date and a couple of beers.


Slub Jersey Crewneck – $19.99 ($29.50)

Meanwhile, the boring (but still good looking) crew.

Here’s the easiest casual look upgrade ever:  Take a good looking jersey crewneck like this, and instead of layering it over a t-shirt, but on a not too long in the tail button up underneath.


Mogador Stripe Tie – $29.99 ($39.50) & Wide Stripe Tie – $21.99 (both reg. $39.50)

Both 2.75" at their widest

Mogador, not a Harry Potter character but instead a type of fabric, doesn’t have the shine of full silk and feels a bit more stiff.  The wide stripe tie on the other hand is all silk, and if memory serves, was one of the original pieces L.E.C. launched their brand with?  Maybe?


Slim Fit Chambray Pants – $29.99 ($49.50)


Chambray is not the same fabric that makes up your favorite pair of jeans.  Here’s a barnyard analogy:  Denim would be your hardworking donkey, chinos would be the more elegant horse.  Chambray is the mule offspring of the two.  Not super common, absolutely favored by some, lightweight but still hard working.  If that makes zero sense, maybe just try the grey pair with a blue unstructured blazer and you should be fine.


Jersey Pocket Polo – $14.99 ($24.50)

Eight, count em' eight color options available.

Better than the Express Signature or Mossimo Athletic Fit?  Not quite.  It’s a little bulky in the sides, so for those that actually are a little, uh, bulky in the sides, this’ll fit them better.  The pocket is an unobtrusive touch that’s a great smallish size.  Eight colors, all solids, available to pick from.


Gray Chambray Harrington Jacket – $49.99 ($79.50)


A lot of guys just can’t buy into the resurgence of the classic Harrington jacket.  Khaki colored versions just look too similar to the jackets our fathers (or grandfathers) wore or still wear.  They’re so… plain.  The remedy?  Gray chambray.

The Lands’ End Canvas free shipping no minimum code GETREADY and pin 1106 expires Tues. 6/28