Dappered Dad Gift Ideas #4 – Father’s Day 2011

Dappered Dad Gift Ideas #4 – Father’s Day 2011
The Covert Shoe Shine | Cost: Free(ish) – Depends on how many he owns

Father’s are notoriously difficult to buy for.  When I was 12, I asked my Dad what he wanted for Father’s day.   His honest answer was: “I could use some more rope for tying the canoe down on top of the mini van.” …Right.  Father’s Day is Sunday June 19th.  Expect a different gift idea for Dad each day this week.

Shine a few pair of his shoes.  Not while he’s wearing them of course, and if possible, do it in secret.

It’s like getting his car detailed.  Only more people see his shoes than the inside of his car.  Here’s how to do this:

  • If you have access to his house/closet, grab a few pairs while he’s working or on the course.  Enlist Mom.
  • If you want a pro to do it, take them to a solid cobbler and ask them to give his shoes the full treatment.
  • Not enough time?  Find a good shoe shine stand guy and wear your Dad’s shoes one pair at a time.
  • OR… just shine them yourself if you’re reasonably good at it.
  • Replace in his closet.  Set a note in there wishing him a happy Father’s Day.

Don’t want to go diggin’ through Pop’s closet?  Concerned that he’ll get home and think: “the hell my shoes go?”  Buy a tin of shoe creme and give it to him with a card explaining your intentions.

And if he’s the type that really likes to shine his own shoes, you can always get him his own shoe shine valet.  Like this oneicon which is made in the USA and comes with creme, saddle soap, leather lotion, the works… for $60.

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