Dappered Dad Gift Ideas #2 – Father’s Day 2011

Dappered Dad Gift Ideas #2 – Father’s Day 2011
Wurkin’ Stiffs Magnetic Collar Stays – $20.00

Father’s are notoriously difficult to buy for.  When I was 12, I asked my Dad what he wanted for Father’s day.  His honest answer was: “I could use some more rope for tying the canoe down on top of the mini van.” …Right.   Father’s Day is Sunday June 19th.  Expect a different gift idea for Dad each day this week.

Allow me to use the first person…  There are few products which have changed my life.  Here they are, in no particular order:

  • Good Mews” non-tracking recycled newspaper pellet cat litter*
  • Wurkin’ Stiffs Magnetic Collar Stays

As Tony Kornheiser would say on ESPN’s Pardon The Interruption:

“That’s it.  That’s the list.”

You don’t want a floppy and flared out collar.  For years those of us who love our collars standing at attention (instead of pancaked under our jacket lapels), were only armed with starch, regular collar stays, and hope.

Not anymore.  The metal stays go where stays usually go.  Then slide the super powerful magnetic button between your chest and your shirt.  Make the connection between the point and magnetic button and your set.  Dad’s love tools, gadgets, and things that serve a real purpose.  These are game changers.  Nothing less.

Full review of the Wurkin’ Stiffs over here.

*No lie on this.  For those with cats who are still using the old dusty clay clumping litter, you have to try this stuff.  It’s like going from an outhouse to a flush toilet.  Annihilates cat box smells.  Little to no mess.  And it’s cheap.