Dappered Dad Gift Ideas #1 – Father’s Day 2011

Dappered Dad Gift Ideas #1 – Father’s Day 2011
Art of Manliness Letterpress Stationery – $15.00 for a box of 15

Father’s are notoriously difficult to buy for.  When I was 12, I asked my Dad what he wanted for Father’s Day.  His honest answer was: “I could use some more rope for tying the canoe down on top of the mini van.”  …Right.  Father’s Day is Sunday June 19th.  Expect a different gift idea for Dad each day this week.

Men are awful at keeping cards in the house.  Every time we want to write a thank you note or send a birthday greeting to a pal, we run out to buy some goofy Hallmark or Shoebox card.

Or, if we’re in a time pinch, we resort to stealing a not so manly piece of stationery from our wife’s collection.

Giving a set of clean, masculine, flat out cool correspondence cards like these will leave the recipient thanking you throughout the year.  Not only will they leave a great impression on the person that he’s writing to, it’ll save him the time and effort it takes to high-tail it to the nearest drug store card aisle and back.

Pick three motifs from the whopping 27 options and you’ll get five of each in the box of 15.  The paper is thick, has a nice texture to it, and looks great coming out of the envelope.  Received one of these from Brett at Art of Manliness once (his had a moose on it) and they’re awfully impressive.