Brooks Brothers Semi-Annual Sale – Summer 2011

Brooks Brothers Semi-Annual Sale – Summer 2011
Brooks Brothers Summer Sale:  June 19 – July 4th

Just like Nordstrom, Brooks Brothers uses the start of summer to launch a sizable semi-annual sale.  But unlike Nordstrom, there’s a bit more hunting and pecking that has to go on to find deals that are potentially worth attention.

Brooks Brothers has limited the sale on their shirts and polos, because you have to buy at least two to see any discount (just 25%… eh…).  It takes a major investment of four shirts to see a nice 40% kickback.  So unless you’ve got $200 to blow on four shirts, it’s best to ignore those departments.  There’s still a few individual items that have been marked down 25, 30, or in rare cases, 40%, but a reminder….  this isn’t Old Navy, so this gets real expensive real quick.

Engine Turned Sterling Money clip – $93.75 ($125)

Could be someone's first and last money clip.

An investment piece for sure, but it’s that part of the year where graduates are graduating.  Might be a nice way to send someone off into the real world.  Sterling silver, nice art deco lines, simple and timeless style.  Personalization is an extra $10.  And yeah, you want the personalization.


Regent Fit Soft Cotton/Wool Jacket – $208.60 ($298)


The Brooks Brothers Regent fit isn’t their slimmest fit (that’d be the Milano) but it’s certainly more trim compared to their traditional sackish Madison.  Higher armholes, a relaxed shoulder, and get a load of the white buttons.  A cheaper alternative can be found at Banana Republic in all cotton, but it won’t feel as nice as this Italian woven cotton/wool blend.


Canvas Leather Messenger Bag – $186.00 ($248)

Pretty formal looking for a canvas flap-over.

I can hear the cries of “but it looks like a CHICK’S bag!!” now.  It ain’t that feminine.  Just lighter in color with some leather accents.  For the guys who keep it real simple.  16″ wide.  Nice grab handle up top.


Bright Pocket Squares: Slub Check + Madras = $12.00 a piece if you buy both.

$24.00 total when you pick up the pair.

The pocket square deal is buy two get 40% off.  If you buy one, you get 25% off.  Each have plenty of summer wear left with the slub check working well into the fall.


Pebble Messenger Bag – $298.50 (reg. $398)

Just slightly eye catching.

Was going for the same price during the most recent Brooks Brothers Friends and Family sale.  Man it’d be nice if it dipped even lower.  By like, y’know, another $150.


Snapper Cufflinks – $123.75 ($165)

Nice antique look.

No pivoting rear piece on these.  Click them open, snap them shut.  Modeled after the style that was real popular in the roaring 20’s.  Silver plated and made in the USA.


Sterling Silver Knot Cufflinks – $71.25 (reg. $95)

Nothing but dressed up.

For the guy who doesn’t want big bulky cufflinks, but needs to keep his french cuffs closed at a formal event.


Seersucker Double Breasted Sportcoat – $208.60 ($298.00)

Maybe 1% of the population can pull this off.

Holy preppy.  You’re just a straw hat and a croquet mallet away from calling your better half “muffy”.  Not for beginners.  Hell, not for most experienced dressers.  But if you’re showing off a bit, this is the way to do a summer double breasted jacket.  Milano fit and relaxed shoulders avoid that cruise-line look.


Knot Cufflinks – $6.75 (potentially 4 for $20 after the sale)

One way to embrace the warmer weather.

34 different color combinations to choose from and perfect for wearing with a summer suit.  They were doing a 4 for $20 special, but now that the regular price has dropped it looks like that’s not valid.  Might be worth waiting it out to see if the 4 for $20 pops back up after the sale expires on the 4th of July.


Made in the USA Cedar Shoe Trees – $21.00 (reg. $28.00)

Cedar, and smooth operating.

Twenty bucks isn’t a bad price for a pair of smooth operating made in the USA shoe trees.  Worth a look if you’re getting something else and you’re already paying for shipping.


Slim Ties – Two for $94.50 (so $47.70/piece)

Slim. Not beanpole.

With the exception of the 2.25″ knit ties (which should be that slim), Brooks Brothers slim ties are a true, just right, 2 7/8″ slim.  Not skinny, not awkwardly small for regular collars, & still not wide enough to land a fighter jet on.  Expensive, but they’re English or Italian fabrics that are then made into ties here in the states.

Pricey right?  Unlike the friends and family sale when you could take 25% off site-wide (even clearance items) there’s nothing like that going on here this time.  Also, Black Fleece is on sale too.  In case you want, y’know, something dashing like this.  The BB semi-annual sale ends on the 4th of July.