The Bo… Belts of Summer

The Bo… Belts of Summer

From the Mailbag:  Affordable Summer Striped Belts

In addition to the typical muted solid colors, I’m interested in some brightly colored D-Ring or cloth belts with stripes (think Brooks Brothers or Nantucket).  I’m struggling to find the brighter, patterned belts for a decent price.  Any help?


Striped Belts are one of those trends that have been a trend for so long they’re now a Trend with a capital “T”.  They’ve sustained themselves for longer than a fad, will surely fall out of favor w/ the masses at some point, and will then return a few years later on down the road.  They’re the Kurt Warner of men’s summer accessories.  Or, something.

Know that playing a bright belt requires a certain amount of restraint with the rest of your getup.  The brighter the stripes, the more subdued everywhere else.  And unless they’ve got rivets, they might not hold their torque throughout the day.  But they’re still unconventionally awesome.  Kinda like that Super Bowl winning Quarterback who’s also in the Iowa Barnstormer’s Hall of Fame.

J. Crew Cotton Ticking Stripe Belt – $29.50

Inexpensive, but shipping is a pain.

Slimmer than most belts that pulls off loud by way of standard colors.  This one would blend in if the colors were reversed with the blue as the base.  But since it’s got the off-white as the background… it jumps.  Try it with jeans, a navy cotton blazer, brown suede shoes, and a pale blue shirt.  It’s a lot of blue, but it’ll work.


Dunning Prep Tie Belt – $5.21 SHIPPEDicon w/ code HDU11 (reg. $30.00)

Waist. Not neck.

No one ever said stripes had to run horizontally.  Diagonal stripes give it a distinct neck-tie look.  Buckles are a little unique thanks to the squared off ends.  Price is pretty enjoyable as well.  Credit to DJLawrence in the comments for the 20% off select items code: AVPMAY1.  Expires 5/18.  Credit to Frank for the terrific free shipping code HDU11


American Eagle Thick Stripe Belt – $11.95

Orange. Really.

Teenager Store?  Yeah.  But this appears (appears) to be almost completely logo free.  You can get away with the very tiny “AE” stamps on the buckles.  Haven’t seen this in person, so if anyone has and knows for sure if it’s got other branding on it, let us know in the comments.  What you don’t want is this.  Eeesh.


Lacoste Canvas and Leather Belt – $65.00$39.00

Close to perfect.

No stripes, but the leather, silver grommets, and the ever present Lacoste Croc provide plenty of contrast.  $39.00 through Bluefly but the sizes are almost all gone.  $65 at Nordstrom which ain’t cheap.


Rugby Madras and Rope Belt – $39.99 (reg. $59.50)

Madras in faded moderation.

No uniform stripes here, just a real nice Madras plaid.  The rope texture should help with some grip.


American Apparel Striped Web Belt  – $30.00

Wear it with Grey Khakis and a white button up.

More of a dressed up number thanks to the thin buckle, but with those leather ends it’s guaranteed to hold.


Fred Perry Striped Scout Belt – $35.00

Plenty grippy.

Who knew you could combine a scout-style plaque buckle with a subtle green and blue striped webbing?  Apparently the folks at Fred Perry did.  Not for everyone, but still nicely done.


Banana Republic Casual Belt – $39.50

Earth tones. Not a bad match for a blue sport coat.

Looks like BR got the scout-style plaque web belt memo too.  Also available in an off white and navy.  Wait for a sale or buy some socks to get over the $50 and it’ll ship free.


Brooks Brothers Seersucker Belt – $27.20 (reg. $68.00)

Too candy-striper?

Extremely limited thanks to the color.  Wear it with a navy blazer and you’ll look like you can’t wait to sit front row at a Lee Greenwood concert.  Try it with honey colored chinos and maybe a white polo instead.


Johnston & Murphy Reversible Striped Belt – $39.50

Not the kid next door's belt.

As grown up as stripes get and probably too stiff for most.  Almost as much leather as white, baby blue, and sky blue stripes.  Back side is all leather.  Thinner metal at the buckle.  Looks like it’d be perfect with almost white pants and a black polo on the golf course… if you’re in shape.


Brooks Brothers Flag Belt – $27.20 (reg. $68.00)

Ahoy Heritage Brand.

As preppy as it gets, but since they’re just flags with the Brooks Brothers 1818 date on em’, it steers clear from that kiddie feeling.

Got a take on the striped/summer belt trend?  Or a favorite you want to pass along?  Leave it all below…