Making the Most of the Levi’s/Dockers F&F 30% off Sale

Making the Most of the Levi’s/Dockers F&F 30% off Sale
Levi’s & Dockers Friends and Family Sale: 30% off with code FRIENDS

Free shipping kicks in at $100.  Code expires today, Monday 5/23
UPDATE: Levi’s/Dockers is now doing free shipping, no minimum.  Nice catch by the fellas in the comments.

Anyone seen the price of a pair of Levi’s recently?  They’ve jumped by about $10.  501s are pushing $60 for the good dark colors in a lot of department stores.  That’s a big leap.  Reports have been saying cotton prices are going up for awhile now, and the proof can be seen in the shot to the groin GAP shares took on Friday.  Down 17%.

If you’re in the market for some denim of chinos, now might be the time to invest.  Levi’s and Dockers (same company) are running a site wide 30% off Friends and Family sale.  Free shipping kicks in at $100 too, so here’s two strategies (one for Dockers, one for Levi’s.  Can’t cross pollinate like GAP) on how to spend a Ben Franklin:

Levis:  The Jeans – 501 Original Clean Rigid – $30.80 (reg. $58.00)

The standard.

Wait, just one pair of jeans?  Exactly.  The one pair of jeans you need.  Dark blue, no distressing, 501 fit.  (Yeah, I’m a 501 honk.)  If you’re a slim straight, bootcut, or even skinny fit, go with your standard.

Levis:  The Other Stuff – Braided Belt – $27.65 | Capsize Crew – $27.23 | Tee – $17.43

Nice braiding, nice colors, nice contrast neck.

Braided belts are for whatever reason “back”… but this one looks nothing like a belt you could have swiped from your old man’s closet half a decade ago.  Roller buckle, thicker braids, not a bad way to mix it up.  The Capsize Crew is perfect nautical style in a weekend crew-neck.  The Tee?  Even non v-neck guys might give that one a shot.  Slim fit too.

Total:  $103.11 Ships free by three bucks.

Dockers:  The Pants – Slim Soft D1 – $21.00 ($52.00) | SF Tapered in Red – $34.99 ($98.00)

Kinda slim, and quite slim.

The Slim Soft D1 (no crease on these, slight washed feeling) are by far the best of the common Dockers lines out there.  Dockers might be messing with their fits, but these are the most modern aside from the SF Tapered.  Which… might not be for everyone… but if you’re going to go with the tapered, why not go full Italian with the Red color?  Both are already on sale.  The extra 30% off still applies.

Dockers:  The Other Stuff – Man t-shirt – $6.99 | Mini-Plaid Tie – $20.99 | O-ring belt – $20.99

Other stuff is very... other.

The Man t-shirt seems to be the cheapest thing on the site.  Tees with logos/sayings on them are way over-played, but this one is pretty simple and to the point.  The tie is only 1.5 in width, so know that, and the O-ring belt comes in a blue and red as well.  The Green color could be a minimalists one splash of brightness for the summer.  All come from the sale section.

Total:  $104.97 Ships free by just under $5.00

WARNING: Know that while beating the free shipping game might be kinda fun… if you’re not in the market for anything extra, it’s not at all worth it.  Shipping is a VERY reasonable $7.50, putting that pair of 501s at under $40 out the door shipped.  The Friends and Family code FRIENDS expires Monday 5/23