Giltman Sale: Bonobos

Giltman Sale: Bonobos
Giltman Tuesday 5/10 Noon ETBonobos Pants and More

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Doesn't happen everyday.

This is rare.  Lion in a sidecar rare?  Not that rare, but still rare.

The last time a full blown Giltman Sale was featured at this here blip on the internet, Santa was just pulling the tarp off the sleigh.  It’s been awhile.  And for good reason.

But Bonobos makes some great fitting pants.  At the same time they’re pricey for a lot of us.  $90 for a pair of cotton pants is quite an investment, and you’re really going to have to love their fit to pick up a pair at full price.

Sure there are ways to knock $50 off orders of $100icon if you’re a “first time” customer.  But maybe Gilt will (actually) come through on this one today.

When those in the know were asked if they could disclose the level of discount, they understandably said they couldn’t give a percentage, but they did say…

“It’s a deep discount.   I think your guys will be happy.  There’s a range of options… lots to choose from.”

Expect more than just pants.  Shirts, shorts, swim suits, jackets, etc.  Sale launches at Noon ET sharp.  Like most Giltman sales with good stuff, the stock on this one should go pretty quick.

UPDATE: That was a huge “mneh.” Starting to feel a little like Charlie Brown and Gilt is Lucy holding a football.  The discount was nice (around $45 for the pants) but the selection was paltry.  Only about three designs with any real sizes.  So… back to ignoring Gilt for awhile.


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