Endless Friends & Family – 20% Off

Endless Friends & Family – 20% Off

Endless 20% Off >$100 F&F Sale – Use code MAYEVENT

Some exclusions (including Cole Haan, Citizen Watches, & Sperry Top-Sider) apply.  Expires 5/12/11

Who knew you had so many friends.  Haven’t seen this much unrequited friendship since the annual flood of Christmas Cards destined to cause you to ask: “who is this again?”  But the senders of those cars, those distant relatives and former college roommates, usually don’t charge you for stuff.  Brooks Brothers, Saks, Timberland, Lord & Taylor, Tommy Hilfiger, and now Endless… they’re all more retail escorts than friends.

You guys know the drill.  20% off this time with the code MAYEVENT but your purchase has to be more than $100, and there’s also plenty of restrictions.  What follows are some items you may or may not find worthy of your attention.

Clarks Desert Boot in Redwood Leather – $80.00 (reg. $100.00)

Right on the price target.

Whoops.  Looks like Endless forgot to drop the price by a few cents to prevent the 20% off (okay, maybe they don’t do that, but…)  Nothing like finding a classic leather desert boot for precisely $100 during a “take 20% off $100” sale.


Steve Madden Ethin Wingtip Oxfords – $80.00 (reg. $100)

Who knows with these.

Steve Madden shoes don’t exactly scream long lasting quality.  They’ve got that “these are cheap” reputation which Kenneth Cole’s lower REACTION line also deals with.   But a few pairs here and there can look pretty decent. $80 plus free shipping there and back if they’re terrible.


Steve Madden Bristole Boots – $82.56 (reg. $129.00)

Don't expect a lifetime of use

Like the Steve Madden wingtips above, these boots from the same brand could either be a bargain, or just awful out of the box.  They at least look intriguing (at $80).


Frye Arkansas Mid Lace – $119.99 (reg. $197.95)

Not bad for being excluded from the code.

Actually not part of the extra 20% off sale (Frye is one of the excluded brands.  Damn.)  But on sale none the less.  The poor man’s Red Wing.  But get this… they’re made in the USA.  By Frye.  These aren’t knockoffs.  Reviews say they run a little large but are overall glowing.  Free two day shipping as well.


Calvin Klein Gareth Laceup – $103.96 (reg. $129.95)

No flash. None.

Just a plain black laceup.  Made in China, sleek through the sides, and… it’s black.  Just over $100 with free two day shipping.


Allen Edmonds Sutter – $185.67 (reg. $284.95)

Under $200 for an AE dress shoe? It is possible.

Just a plain black (and burgundy) laceup.  Made in the USA.  Not as sleek as the CK above through the sides, but thanks to the 270 welt (not 360) it’s a little less portly than most AEs.  Already reduced, probably so because of its incredible plain-ness.  Now under $200.


Allen Edmonds Berkshire – $159.61 ($245) & Allen Edmonds Winthrop – $90.00 ($174.95)

What in the name of Wisconsin?

Meanwhile over in the Experimental Design / Mad Scientist wing of the Allen Edmonds building…  Here be an almost saddle with light brown (orange?) leather and a navy driver for under $90.  ‘kay.


Gordon Rush Charleston Boots – $105.60 (reg. $295.00)

Not normal looking. But not in a bad way.

Shoes by Gordon Rush can run a little too expensive.  But since these boots are on sale to begin with, the extra 20% off dumps them down into more than reasonable territory.


Romano Martegani Monkstrap – $262.69 (reg. $494.95)

Half off, 100% attractive.

Before the price causes you to expel whatever liquid it is you maybe drinking from your nose, know this:  Monk Straps just don’t fall out of the sky.  They’re tough to find for under $200.  So $262 on it’s own isn’t a bad price at all.  Being that they’re Italian made, look incredible, and are almost half the retail price?  That certainly warrants a mention.


Romano Martegani Medallion Lace Up – $249.55 (reg. $494.95)

Incredibly unique.

Looks like Romano Martegani also makes a hell of a good looking medallion lace up.  Not a full wingtip, not a true oxford, just a slim looking black Italian made shoe with just the right amount of design detail at the toe.  Stand out quietly, right?

The Extra 20% off purchases over $100 code MAYEVENT expires Thursday 5/12/11