Ultra Cheap Buys – Target Pocket Square 3-Pack

Ultra Cheap Buys – Target Pocket Square 3-Pack
Target Merona 3-Pack Patterned Handkerchiefs – $4.99

Credit to Ryan N. for the styletip reminder about these.  Also available in white.

Five bucks.  Give it six months and you won’t be able to get a gallon of gas for five bucks.  Five bucks is a non-happy hour pint.  And forget finding a decent martini for a paper Abe.

The casual pocket square trend isn’t the easiest to get on board with.  And understandably so.  There’s a fine line between “hey that looks kinda cool” and “dorky all dressed up with no where to go.”  Sounds hokey, but it really depends on how long you’ve been developing your own personal sense of style.  And even if you’re not a beginner, your own style might not even come close to agreeing with wearing a pocket square for the hell of it.

But five bucks is a pretty low investment.  So if you find post-purchase that you’re not quite in that territory yet… hang on to them and you might get there in the not too distant future.

Maybe about the same time when gas eclipses $5.00 a gallon.

Not available online.  Check your nearest Target by the wallets in the Men’s department.

Quality is okay, not incredible, but for $5? What were you expecting?