The Best Looking Under $100 Timex Ever?

The Best Looking Under $100 Timex Ever?
The Timex Q Dial Leather Strap Watch – $56.90icon (reg. $95.00)

It is absolutely possible for a Timex to look good.  But some of them look (much) better than others.  This might be the best of the cheap-o bunch.

The color scheme shouts Tag Heuer Monacoicon.  And while wearing the Timex ain’t gonna leave people confusing you for Steve McQueen, it’s also $5500 less than that square dialed stunner.

The blue dial with red accents looks great with the brown leather band, and that textured crown is an extremely nice touch.  Like The Dude’s rug, it’s a small detail that makes a disproportionately large impact.

Was $95, now on sale for $56.90icon.  Available in black tooicon, and a highly similar “50’s Vintage” style watchicon is also the same price.  But the blue and red dial has to win out.

What’s your pick for the best looking Timex?  The $150 J. Crew MilitaryThe Easy ReaderThe T2N228?  Or is it one of these?  Leave your vote in the comments section…