Slim Fit Pants Palooza I – The Dockers Lineup

Slim Fit Pants Palooza I – The Dockers Lineup

Slim Fit Chinos: Dockers D1, D2, and D3

Fit is everything.  And ever since the Slim Fit Shirt Paloozas hit the site, you guys have been politely asking for more.  With the recent seasonal warm up, more than a few of you have emailed asking for a slim fit palooza focused on pants.  Jeans are getting stashed in favor of lighter chinos for spring and summer, and men just don’t want those ballooning khakis many of us were raised in.  And thus, the search begins.

They will all be flat front.  They will all be affordable.  And they will all be easy to get your hands on and your legs in either through the web or in an easy to find store.

Size/Body Type Reference Information: I’m 5’9″-10″, 165-170lbs, wear a 32×32 in most pants, and have larger than normal but not gigantic upper legs.

Dockers D1 Signature Khaki Slim Fit – $36.99 (reg. $55.00)

Fit is decent, color is "Office Space." Crease is a no.

NOTE: The selection that was, or in this case, was not available at the Macy’s closest to the Dappered home offices was really picked over.  Color and size options were extremely limited.  There wasn’t a single pair of D1 slim soft fronts in a reasonably close size, so it was the perma-creased D1 Signature Khaki that got the once over.

Fit isn’t half bad.  Despite the photos (maybe an odd freshly unfolded flare?) they felt trim through the thighs.  Seem to run a little long in the leg, and the cotton was soft and moved well.  The deal breaker is the crease.  A chino with those permanent creases are tough to dress down.  The soft front D1s don’t have that crease, and can look just as sharp with a good ironing and some light starch.  For colors, try the lighter “cloud” or the medium gray “fog.”


Dockers D2 Straight Fit Plaid – $31.99 (reg. $52.00)

Way larger than expected.

Wow these are un-flattering.  If there was, in fact, a party in my pants and everyone was invited… I think they’d have plenty of room to stretch out and relax.  One would think the D2 would be only slightly more roomy than the D1.  That’s not the case.  The color and pattern were eye catching, but once they went on?  Huge disappointment.  The fabric also felt odd too.  Thinner with some sort of odd finish, unlike the D1.


Dockers D3 Soft Khaki in Garnet – $30.00 (reg. $52.00)

It's Hammer Time.

To be completely fair, Dockers makes no claims that these are slim fit.  But with a gigantic color selection that includes brighter more style-forward options like these, you’d think the fit would be closer.  There’s an old joke involving a pirate captain, his many colors of pants, and his habit of saying: “Crew!  Bring me my red pants!” before battle, so if injured no one would see him bleed.  Battle or no battle, I wouldn’t ask for these ginormous parachutes.


Final Grades

Dockers D1 Signature: C+ They get a solid B to B+ on fit and price, but that crease is a D-.
Dockers D2 Straight Fit: D- Nice lipstick, bad pig.  Maybe the plain colors fit better?
Dockers D3 Soft Front: D+ Great feel, great color, way too roomy.

The Best Dockers Option: Has to be the Dockers D1 in the soft front.  No crease, close fit, huge color range.  No matter where you buy them, steer clear of the “signature” (crease) and go with the “soft.”

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