Saks Friends and Family 20% off Sale

Saks Friends and Family 20% off Sale

Saks 5th Avenue Friends and Family – 20% off with code FRIEND3

Get Free Shipping over $200 with the code SPRINGSFA, and yes you can use both codes.

It’s one of the friendliest times of year.  Timberland is doing a Friends and Family sale, Bloomingdale’s just ran theirs, and now Saks gets in on the act with the code FRIEND3, which is good for 20% off site wide.

Okay, not the entire site.  But some of it.  The excluded designers fine print is a whopping 455 words long.  That’s a whole lotta excludin’ going on.  Even so, there’s plenty to eye up.  And eye up is as far as most of us will go.  Even with an extra 20% off, Saks is a terrific place for one particular kind of shopping.  Window.


Breil Milano Manta – $212.00 (reg. $265.00)

Not bad for just north of $200

The screws around the outside of the case beef it up, but at a very reasonable 41.5 mm in diameter, it’s not some monster.  Made in Switzerland, quartz movement, ships free too.


Sak’s Fifth Avenue Men’s Collection Chelsea Boots – $286.50 (reg. $358)

There's money in them there boots.

The perfect Chelsea boot is has a warm but not too light brown leather upper, a rounded off but not pointy toe, simple gore siding that doesn’t dip too low, and it’s probably made in Italy.  That’d be perfection.  And there’s a price for perfection.  That price is now $286.50.  Ouch.


Philippi Giorgio Watch Box – $37.60 (reg. $47.00)

Box? Cylinder? Flask?

Maybe you’ve only got a couple watches.  Maybe you’ve got a ton and would prefer to store them in something other than one of your shoes while traveling.  A solid price for a good looking watch box.


Sak’s 5th Avenue Cap-Toe Oxfords – $238.40 (reg. $298)

Simple and tough to ignore.

The Sak’s house brand has such a good reputation that they don’t need to call it by any other name (Lookin’ at you Macy’s with Alfani, INC, etc…).  These shoes are helping carry that banner.  Made in Italy.


Rag & Bone Chalk Stripe Wool Tie – $58.32 (reg. $105.00)

Wool and stripes make a good combination.

A 2 3/4″ width will please the majority of guys out there, and the wool fabric and pattern are suitable for year round wear.  Even in the summer.  Still pricey at $60.  Look for a similar wool blend version at Target for around $20.


Michael Kors Casual Contrast Edge Blazer – $236.00 (reg. $298)

Which way to the cricket pitch?

Okay all you borderline Dandies… this looks like a lightly structured chino blazer, that’s been tipped at the edges with contrast jersey fabric.  And even on SALE it’s $236.  Again, it’s Sak’s we’re dealing with here.


Salvatore Ferragamo Double Gancini Links – $144.00 (reg. $180.00)

Tiny and expensive. Tinpensive.

They’re “silver finish”… which to many of us means “not sterling.”  Italian made, nice design.


Timberland Counterpane Leather/Suede ankle boots – $181.52 (reg. $325.00)

Nice toe shape too.

Stand out quietly right?  The shape and colors of these are dead simple, but that swoop of leather with the lacing over the suede toe is just enough to make these completely unique.  Was $325, now under $200.

Both the 20% off code FRIEND3 and the free shipping over $200 code SRPINGSFA expire 5/1/2011