How To Spend Your Tax Refund – Or a part of it.

How To Spend Your Tax Refund – Or a part of it.

The $1043 Tax Return Splurge: Spending 1/3 The Average Refund

Above Photo Credit: saturnism

Saw a Statue of Liberty on a busy street corner last week. She was holding a sign that said “It’s Tax Time!” She also had a beard.  The Uncle Sam outfit musta been at the dry cleaner.

To be clear, $1043 is not the average tax refund a U.S. citizen will see this year.  $3,129 is actually the average refund.  Good grief that’s a chunk of change.  And as unrealistic as a 3-grand refund might be for most of us, just as unrealistic is the idea of going out and blowing 100% of our tax returns.  It’s obviously a good idea to save it, build up that emergency fund, or make a donation to your favorite non-profit.

But we all know what led to the demise and eventual reclassification of Jack to dull-boy status.  So to keep work and play in harmonious balance, here’s a few ideas on how to splurge with 1/3 of the average 2010 refund:

J. Crew Ludlow Sportcoat in Mini Gingham – $168.00 ($875 left)

Wear it deep into the fall just to break the rules.

If Gingham made a roaring comeback last summer, then this summer it gets a little more refined by way of the micro-pattern.  Jeans, chinos, whatever, it’ll work with it.


Tissot T-sport PRC200 Chronograph – $269.88 ($605.12 left)

Can be worn with a t-shirt or suit.

Yes Auto-fanatics, it’s a quartz.  So if you’re auto or nothing, feel free to ignore.  Tissot just changed up the face of their PRC 200 Chronos, and it’s not necessarily for the better.  This is the previous model, with even diameter/well placed sub dials.  Sold Direct by Amazon.


Calibrate Cotton/Nylon Trench – $199.90 (reg. $295) ($405.22 left)

Rain ready too.

The market has been flooded with double breasted trench coats and single breasted macs.  Many of them are 100% cotton, and won’t do much for keeping water from soaking through to your clothes.  This is a nylon mix.  Don’t freak out about the belt, you’ll get used to it, or, it should look pretty good without it too.


For Her: Tiffany & Co. Compact Wallet – $195.00 (210.22 left)

Don't forget about her.

What? Are you really just going to go out and blow a grand on yourself, and get nothing for her?  Made in Italy, comes in a bunch of different colors, and the perfect size for the woman who doesn’t lug around some gargantuan old lady purse.  Plenty of colors to choose from.


Bittercube Bitters 6-Pack – $48.00 ($162.22 left)

Try them with everything.

Craft Bitters are the gravy of cocktails.  They make everything better.  Even non-cocktails like plain ol’ club soda.  Read the full review of the variety pack right over here.


Cole Haan Suede Chukka – $102 (reg. $228) ($60.22 left)

Don't like the laces? That's an easy fix.

More than half off and check out the laces.   Less schulmpy than a standard Clark’s desert boot.  Wear them with your favorite pair of dark denim and the J. Crew Blazer up top.


Original Penguin The Earl Polo – $41.30 w/ code F&F30 (reg. $59.00) ($18.92 left)

Front and back, slim all around.

The favorite polo of our Arts and Culture Correspondent Ben Madeksa, this one has a heritage slim fit and the right piping details which give off a retro but not costumey vibe.   The code F&F30 stands for Friends and Family, and gets you 30% off everything.


J. Crew Watch Strap – $10.50 w/ code MUSTHAVE (reg. $20.00) ($8.42 left)

Should work with many a watch.

Now’s not a bad time to breathe some new life into an old forgotten watch sitting in the back of a drawer.  And $10.50 isn’t a bad price.  Shipping is brutal though (it is J. Crew after all)


Matinee showing of “The Adjustment Bureau” – $7.00ish ($1.42 left)

Powered by Fedora.

Haven’t seen it.  Been putting it off.  Wouldn’t mind knowing what’s with the hats.


Pack of Black Jack Chewing Gum – $0.99 ($0.43 left)

Mmmm. Tasty tire.

Because there’s just not enough aniseed flavored candy any more.   Tastes like liquorice, looks like you’re chewing on a piece of an old faded tire.


Plugging a meter that’s running low on time – $0.43 ($0.00 left)

Karma in change form.

Careful though.  In many a city this random act of kindness is frowned upon, so watch out for meter maids.

Got any plans for your tax refund?  Leave it all in the comments section below…