Boden for your Torso: Everyday Jacket & Spring Coat Review

Boden for your Torso: Everyday Jacket & Spring Coat Review

Boden is a bit of a well kept secret.  They just don’t get much play in the men’s style community.  They’re based in the UK (manufacturing doesn’t happen there), have a U.S. Website, and offer a smallish and colorful line.  But the price point on their sportcoats and outerwear is usually right there in the sweet spot.

Get on their email list and every so often they’ll throw a 10% off discount your way.  A 20% off with free shipping offer is rare but they do happen.  Their basic casual wear ($55 for a simple polo?) can get spendy, but $130 for a unique blazer & just under $200 for a 3-season coat made it worth while to take em’ out for a spin:

Boden Everyday Jacket – $128.00 (also available in multiple solid colors)

The Boden Everyday Jacket in Navy Stripe. Shown: 38R

The Good: Price, contoured shape, the standout lines on the navy stripe, the fabric texture, the unstructured feel.
The Bad: Awkwardly high button stance combined with wider than normal lapels = strange

Other than where the lapels meet the top button, this thing is nails.  The fabric is WAY different than the glass smooth cotton you’d find on the GAP blazers of the moment.  Full of texture, the stripes give it plenty of character, and it’s eye catching.  Totally unstructured.  Only drawback is where the lapels and buttons meet.  Odd, and the pic on the left shows that.  Otherwise ready for your upcoming Kentucky Derby Party (or just spring drinks on a deck somewhere).

Boden Light Plaid Spring Coat – $198.00 (available in other solid colors)

Great pattern, great color, just needs to be brought in at the sides. Shown: Medium

The Good: Perfect color and pattern.  Great buttons, interior gingham lining, cotton/nylon water repellant
The Bad: Shaped like a U-haul.

If they just would have tapered the sides a little it’d be perfect.  The covered placket also leaves you looking like you’re wearing a sandwich board.  I ordered a medium and probably should have sized down to a small.  Maybe some tailoring magic could have been done to dart the sides?

The Bottom Line

Seems like a great company that is worth keeping an eye on.  Looking forward to more patterns like the striped Everyday Jacket and maybe the return of their Prince of Wales Portobello.  Here’s to hoping they lower the button stance on their everyday jacket just a touch and bring thin the lapels down as a result.

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