The Splurge: J. Crew’s Black Watch Ludlow Sportcoat

The Splurge:  J. Crew’s Black Watch Ludlow Sportcoat

J. Crew Black Watch Ludlow Sportcoat – $299.99 (reg. $425)

Damn.  With a capital D.  Even the self proclaimed minimalists (hi there) would be hard not to go Pavlovian over this sportcoat.  Here’s what it has working against it:

  • It’s wool.  Proclaimed First Class wool from a 200 year old Scottish mill, but still.  Summer’s a comin’.
  • The on sale price is more than an Indochino suit with a Groupon.
  • Not a lot of guys walking around in dark Tartan plaid this time of year.  Like wool, out of season.

There’s a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t even consider buying this.  Especially if $300 on one single sport coat is an outrageous price for your budget.  But for the rest?

Just look at it.  Talk about a jacket that does the talking for you.  Chinos, jeans, whatever.  The saying “Stand out quietly” has been uttered and written more than a few times here.  This walks up to that “quiet” line, takes one big step over it, and doesn’t look back.

Not two steps.  Not three steps.  Not a leap.  Just one.

Most sizes available.  Free shipping (on any order) with the code FREESHIP.  Code expires 3/18.  So if not $300, at what price would you buy it at?  Say if one of those extra 30% off sales came along and dropped it to $210?