The Gap’s New Under $100 Blazers

The Gap’s New Under $100 Blazers

GAP Pinstripe Cotton Blazer – $98.00 | Classic Solid Cotton Blazer – $98.00

Left: Check Shirt by Alfani Red.  Tie by J. Crew.  Chinos by Banana Republic.
Right:  Shirt by Merona.  Svest by Banana Republic.  Pocket Square by LEC.  Jeans by Todd Shelton.

KARMA FUELED UPDATE:  Thanks to JMG for passing along this in store coupon.  Get 30% off at GAP, Banana Republic, Old Navy, BR Factory and GAP Outlet stores next weekend, 3/17 – 3/20.  5% of your purchase gets donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma society.  That’s a win / even bigger win right there.

Non Karma Update:
Or, if you have to shop online for sizes, get $20 off $80 with the code GAP2080. Good 3/10 – 3/12.  Not as good as the 30% / 5%. Now back to our regularly scheduled non italicized programming….

Thanks GAP.  These will do nicely.  These are not a rumpled Old Navy chino sportcoat.  Nor are they a stuffy wool blazer.  They’re modern, decently trim in design, and almost if not completely identical in layout.

Click for the up close.

The fabric is cotton but it’s a smooth and refined weave.  It’s feels more dressed up than the fabric on say, LL Bean Signature’s New Traditional Twill.  Not so dressy though that it can’t be paired with jeans.

They’re trim through the body and most reasonably fit guys could get away with not having it tailored (above pics = off the rack. This pic too).  Shoulder pads are slim and armholes are decently high.  The tail drop seems pretty standard on my 5’9″-10″ frame, and the the interiors are fully lined with the standard silkish poly.

The sleeves might be a little long for some, and both come with the over proliferated functional sleeve buttons.  Which could cause trouble for guys with shorter arms who need the sleeves taken up.

All politics aside, James Carville famously once simplified a friggin’ presidential campaign with: “It’s the economy, stupid.”  Forget stupid.  When it comes to looking smarter than most other men?  It’s the guys in well tailored jackets who have the distinct advantage.  Consider investing in the black.  Wear the hell out of it.