The Best Pocket Square Available Now

The Best Pocket Square Available Now

Lands’ End Canvas Chambray Striped Pocket Square – $9.50

There’s no denying the power of a crisp white pocket square tucked up against a navy or gray suit.  But when you’re away from the office and more formal situations, that bright white pocket square might be a little too strong.  Like jet engine bolted to the bed of a pickup too strong.

Sure you have gingham options, even madras ones.  But the Lands’ End Canvas Chambray striped pocket square can look casual and put together without being too loud from even a minimalist’s perspective.  It resembles denim but it’s lighter in depth and weight.  The stripes give it a nice pattern to set it apart from your tie or shirt, while also guaranteeing nobody mistakes it for some cut up piece of salvaged old Wranglers.

It’s a medium light blue so it has enough contrast to work with a pale blue shirt, and it’ll stand out perfectly against Navy blazers and Khaki sportcoats.

Wear it now, all summer, and into the fall.  A small investment at just under $10.

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